XPM Mining discussion


post all xpm related mining information here


Very nice.

Please post how many CPD you get out of your cards.

I am trying to tune the miner.

So far
1060 6gb 0.27
1070 Ti 0.36



Thanks garrafk.

Trying to get my 6 x 1080ti rig stable. It seems to be running better when I dropped the Sieve Size Window to 8188…it kept saying to increase the Sieves Per Round, so that is now at 11…but I’m only seeing about cpd=.10 ish per card. Anyone have any ideas?


Just been able to tune the 1070 Ti to 0.42 CPD

You get low values because the CPU is maxed out. The miner is not optimized. You can use as many cards as possible until your CPU is maxed out. It depends on the CPU that you have. Usually 3/4 1080Ti is the max. Just reduce the number of active GPUs and you will see the CPD will dramatically increase.

The dev of the miner promised to release a new optimized version shortly


what did you do to tune the 1070ti


LEt me test more and I will copy my config file. I want to make it stable


also which pool gives best results


yes new optimized miner is comming, until then, hang tight :smiley:


wow my wallet still 200 weeks behind even with downloading the .dat


I was going to go straight to cryptopia…any issues with that?


sieveSize = “520”;


I mine direct to Poloniex, and I receive my payments


Yes Fabio, increasing the sieveSive improves very slightly the hashrate, but 420 seems to work better for me


Thanks fabio…Dropping to 3 cards got me to around .35 ish a card. Still seems quite low but I’ll watch for the new miner.


Actually I really think the miner needs a lot of optimization for the Nvidia cards. Hopefully the developer will release it soon. This XPM bubble wont last long. Believe me.


Unless they really will do a Bitcoin prime fork… in that case we are just at the beginning of the bubble.


what core and mem overclock are people using?


well I managed just over 0.6 XPM in 24 hours with single 1080, calculator said it should be 1.2. so only got about half what calculator predicted. any ideas?


I got 6.5 XPM instead of 9 XPM during last 24 hours (10x 1070). Too many people jumped in already… so difficulty raised too much.

E.g. profitability at diff 11.6 is 10.4 XPM/day while at diff 11.7 it’s just 7.8 XPM/day (with 10x 1070) and the diff is still raising. At the moment the profitability of XPM is already close to RVN (looks like I will switch back to RVN soon).


this wallet is ridiculous still 151 weeks behind