X17 xvg


i dont see total pending and etc.my wallet is DRN8qAZ8vg8pikyToQh3ZwuACPJy2nNc4J
when do jkcpool to paid? 1 day,3 day,…?
sorry for bad english
please guide me.thanks.


Dont mine XVG on jkcpool as pool don’t have enough hashrate.
If you want stable profits then mine on pools which have enough hasrate.
Mining XVG on jkcpool now is all based on luck, pool may find block in next 5 minutes or in a month.

You will be rewarded only if pool finds a block


thanks for answer :face_with_monocle:


Any chance of you added an xvg lyra algorithm to the pools? Supernova was the only one I knew of and that’s shut down so difficulty on that algo has also dropped. As far as I’m aware each block has to be mined from a different algorithm (x17, Blake, lyra) and with hardly any pools running lyra it could a big earner.


will add it today on jkcpool, XVG- lyra2v2


anyone has ccminer/X17SPmod ?


there is a japanese pool, working (i tried it) http://xvg-lyra.idcray.com/index.php?page=login

you have to create an account, like in suprnova


Just curious, people still mining XVG… There is many other more profitable options to mine…


What option for example ?