WTC Walton Chain new miner


I readily vouch for fabio, too.


vouch for fabio, bought the software , helped me setup my farm, and started earning blocks :slight_smile:


Hi, for those that vouch for Fabio.
I feel that the following will be really beneficial for fabio.

To tilt those people on the fence on farming WTC, please post your wallet blockchain links here and state the number of 1080ti/1070 cards you have. So that people can calculate for themselves the profit that you guys are making. When people see you guys are making the moolahs they will naturally look for fabio to change their mining setup to WTC!

Afterall the purpose of this forum is for people to discuss what coins to mine. What use is in pushing a coin without advertising it’s rev/day.


Fabio, is that you? lol




3 days since I bought the software, here are my stats-
Day 1 - 5 blocks, Day 2 - 5 blocks, Day 3 - 7 blocks,
Each block I get 2.75wtc, electric consumption is low, I run on 32gtx 1080 ti, link for my block explorer -
Will update more next week


According to your post:

17 blocks in 3 days with 32x1080 Ti’s, while getting 2.75 WTC/block

Total WTC = 17*2.75= 46.75 in 3 days
Average per day= 46.75/3 = 15.58

Average per 1080Ti = 15.58/32 = 0.48

Price of WTC = $6.77

Revenue per 1080Ti - $6.77*0.48= $3.29/day

$3.29/1080 TI/day is without factoring in electricity costs and whatever $$ you paid for the mining software.


what settings? TDP , core memory? ty


70 power 75 core 0 memory


Cool a free link with no download, no wonder it’s free.


Did you buy it from the developer or from someone else? I’ve probably pirated over $200,000 worth of software in my life, so I’m not acting all high and mighty, but essentially what you are doing is stealing. At some point we have all copied someone’s music cd, or tape, or mp3s, whatever. Usually the giant difference is you are copying it for free. When you resell something like this its kind of like those guys who set up tables selling bootleg dvds.


contact me on telegram @waltonred if you want to change your pool, I pay you 3 WTC block rewards daily! 2.75 is way too cheap…


The new miner is garbage and free so if you want to waste your time do it for free. WTC is a bad coin to mine now.


Hi, I’m interested, could you pm me ?