WTC Walton Chain new miner


I have a new miner different from the previous one. Different from the actual multi gpu miner.

This one IS a multi gpu miner but with these features:

  1. It uses almsot zero % CPU!!! It can be used on any CPU. Also the G4400 can be used to mine WTC with many GPU with this miner now!! No more CPU limitation!
  2. If you have a powerful CPU you can use the GPU to mine WTC and the CPU to mine something else or also the CPU to mine ALSO WTC! More profit!!
  3. My TDP was limited to 42/53% with the old miner —> - with this new miner my gpu reach up to 62/63% TDP!! ----> this means more hashrate in theory

PLEASE READ THIS: I have PAID for this miner. Like I paid for the previous one. I have paid MONEY. Not chips. I was searching for a new/better miner. I have found it. The person who had it asked for money. And I freely decided to buy it. And to use it.

When I can I contribute for free. Helping, giving advices, also giving software to anyone for free (more than 30 people asked for me the SP mod). But I have paid for this miner. So I ask for a small fee. Also setting up this miner totally different from the actual one. I will give full assistance to install it and use it. Also new upgrades are being released with further improvements. All the future upgrades of THIS miner are included.

You are not forced to contact me. But I jsut want to remember that I have paid for the previous one myself and I ahve paid for this one.


hello i’m interested. what is the price? can you pm me?


Man man man… As I remember you are only person who pay for wtc miners and then sell it to others. I know your bussiness model is really nice, mainly for your own bags. But please, do not try to tell people that you have some super special miner which you paid for (same scenario as before). I am sure you could have get it for free, or maybe you did.
This forum is here to help each other so i am not really happy about your epic sales here. I wish I would have more time to find your super miner somewhere and give it people here for free. Maybe I will in a few days


Secondary to mention, the earnings the OP states, are not true (sorry). The profitability is half (doubled the diff), the price of WTC on 70% of OP last thread date. If you pay his fee (he’ll ask 0.3eth for miner), you’re under Nicehash within one month (which with LyraRev2 spikes in last 30 days was quite good, paid in BTC on Coinbase, but that was just last 30 days, future can be completely different, don’t expect it to be the same).


What you are saying is not true sorry.

I got it NOT for free. I had to PAY for it. If you can find a miner that uses ZERO CPU load for free PLEASE let me know!!!

I helps daily tons of people FOR FREE spending a LOT of time helping them. I also gave a lot of “special” mienrs for free. You want me to give also my ass for free?

Am I forcing someone to take it? Did someone forced me to buy it? NO. and NO.

Ah wait… can you give me your house for free please?


Did I state any profitability in this post? The actual profitability for me based on teh past 10 days and based on 6 x 1070ti rig and base don the old miner with heavy cpu load is 4.2 usd per gpu per day. Will it be the same in teh future? No idea. Will WTC pump the price? Who knows. Will I keep mining this coin now that the most profitable coin for my 1070Ti brings me 1.8usd per card. HELL YEAH!
Will I use the new miner and mine WTC with GPU and AQUACHAIN with CPU? Yes! MORE PROFIT! :slight_smile:


But wait I want to underline one concept:

So in practice: 1) Fabio finds a nice new miner (try to find it at least! I spent days contacting everyone trying to find it) 2) Fabio finds it at the end and PAYS FOR IT 3) Fabio, once paid for it, distribute to the world for free.

WOW! AMAZING! Hey guys! Who wants my villa? My cars??? Who wants my bank account guys??

Iook: I spend never less than 3/4 hours a day helping tons of people on telegram. helping to mine new coins, helping finding new coins, sharing special miners THAT I GOT FOR FREE, debugging their not working and crashing miners with teamviewer and VNC. ALL OF THIS FOR FREE.

When I started mining NO ONE helped me to understand a shit. No one helped me AT ALL even if I asked for help everywhere. Even tho I am still here helping FOR FREE everyday and everyone.

So @hegemon1 before writing… THINK.


1 block in 111ksat (it’s under now and was under in past days) and 2,75wtc/b is ~300ksat ~20usd (in 6.4k usd/btc)
You’re telling us you average 6x4.2 25usd/day on 6x1070ti, what’s 1.25b/day average, means you mined 12 blocks in last 10 days (on 1070ti’s).
On 6x1080ti in ~30days true 23 blocks with nice start, last 7 days 3 blocks.

I’m telling the rev isn’t true, it’s half, if only it is.

Fair to say, the 2.75 wtc/block gmn is contact from you.

I’m not telling, you do nothing when the buyer pays the fee. I’m telling it’s not worth it for buyer, because the “4.2usd / 1070ti so 1080ti must be higher” isn’t true.

Maybe I have sth wrong with my setup but it should be part of purchased support. The support was “it’s solo mining, wait for average”. If I wait, the average is still half of the revs.
And if there is miner which could get closer to the originaly posted earnings, you ask another 0.3eth fee, and that’s nonsense.

Not to mention the necessary CPU upgrade, but thats HW investment, that’s not completely lost. With that calced, the earnings are zero.


BUT Maybe I’m wrong, my setup too and Fabio is right. So:

Could other 1080Ti (or other card) miners post their block finds within past 10,30 days? (we don’t need to calc usd, because that’s influenced by wtc+btc price, comparsion by block findings is truly comparable.


Where is the nonsense? the fact that i DO have PAID for the other miner? Or the fact that I DO have paid AGAIN for this miner?
I keep giving support for the miners. All the time to everyone.

You buy a car from from someone and then you want him to give you his other cars that he has paid for jsut because you have bught from him ONE of his cars?

Try to ask to SP (since you guys menetioned him). He gives ONE of his miners with future upgrades for free. But if you want ANOTHER of his miners you will have to PAY AGAIN.

these are two DIFFERENT miners that I have paid for BOTH of them! Try to ask to SP to give you all of his miners for free once you buy one :slight_smile: hhahaha

Also, I got the SP tribus for free. And 32 people contacted me asking gof it. do you think I asked them 1 cent? How much money they saved thanks to me?

But ok. You know what? The good thing is that RIGHT NOW I am receiving personal messages and telegram messages supporting me and asking me to ignore the haters. There are always haters around. This is normal.
The good part is that I have a lot of people that likes me. This is way more than enough.


This is just business discussion, nothing personal like you still take it, I paid the fee before, didn’t want your service for free. Quite doubt the “happy reactions to pay 0.3eth” but truth is I can’t know it :slight_smile:

In your “buy a car from someone” situation, I’d ask refund for the car, it doesn’t have the advertised performance I bought it with, or it doubles the fuel consumption :slight_smile: That’s the only problem, I’m not teling you don’t communicate or you’re not delivering the miner+support.

and OP was meant Original Poster


There are so many problems with what OP is suggesting.

First of all, do you have permission from the creator to re-sell for a fee? Let’s say you bought it for 1 eth and you are charging 0.3 eth to provide it. 4 sales later you are actually in profit. However, none of that money is going to the original creator. Sounds both unethical and greedy to me.

It’s great if you’ve been helping the community with mining. However, let’s be honest here, how much profit did you make with the last miner? And are you telling me you don’t expect to make a profit over and above what you paid for the new miner with this post? Doesn’t sound like you’re doing any of this for free or out of the kindness of your heart to me.


DO not expect you gonna hear truth here. I know he was selling his (first miner) on several web sites, bitcointalk for example so I am sure he made nice profit. He said he paid for first miner but by a simmle googling you could have find it for free as i did.
So my words: He does not do this shit to help others, but to fill his own bags. Just my personal opinion…


Im okay with you are one thinking here, good luck with your “bussiness model”


Also I am happy you recieved a lot of possitive stuff from people on telegram about your great offer. But i am curious why you consider this as a hate? Truth be told, you sold free miners before, no need to rage. I said good job to you. Peace pal…


YOu are a LIAR and you know it. But it’s fine. Liars are everywhere. People likes me because I am 100% honest and I say the truth all the time. And also becayse I help them whenever I can.

I have bought the first miner and I have paid for it. I have bought this second miner and I have paid for it. You want to get this miner? Ok go buy it for 1 ETH. Ah no wait. You want it for free.

Why don’t you give me some of your GPUs for free? I could use your GPUs just for 4/5 hours day! Or maybe you can give them for free to someone that doesn’t have any! I have a lot of friends that doesn’t have money and would love to start mining! Can you give them your GPUs for free jsut for 6 hours per day please?

Ah no sorry. You are not giving FOR FREE what YOU PAID FOR. Please stop this business model. Help the comunity!

I am just trying to make you understand that it’s not a “business model” but it’s a normal model.

If I get something for free I give it away for free.
If someone asks me for tech help or mining help, whenever I have time I give advices and help (even on teamviewer ) for free.
If buy something and pay for something and someone wants it, I sell it. Plain and simple. I would say, absolutel normal. Otherwise I should be angry and “postshitting” like you 2 or 3 guys are doing, with the guy that sold it to me. Actually I am completely ok with him.

Just activate the “normal thinking mode” and you will see that I am totally right.


Ok Mr 100% honest, how much did you pay for the old and new miner, how much were / are you selling them for, and how much profit did you make? Are you going to stop charging people once you recoup your costs, or will you keep selling for a fee?

Actually I paid the creator for the old miner, never sold it to anyone, and gave it for free to people who mine to my MN address.

If the guy you bought it from doesn’t mind you re selling then he wasn’t the creator. Plain and simple. You wanna be 100% honest about that too?


I can vouch for Fabio for his help and aftersales services. I’ll take the payment as a fee for him helping me set up my miners, very patient dude and guided me from the very start. There are times i send him messages at midnight due to timezone differences but he was quick to answer.

Was a complete noob in this walton thing and he helped me get everything to work properly and up to speed. Thanks Fabio.


If I got paid 0.3 eth I’d be providing those services too. Like I said it’s great that he’s helping but there is no need to paint it as something that it’s not. He did not make the miner. He will recoup his costs and earn profit on top of what he paid as a result of him charging a fee to share something he didn’t create. The creator, who no doubt spent countless hours creating this miner, will not get a cent out of these downstream sales. These are facts. Yes Fabio is spending time helping you set up, but if he wasn’t even doing that, then what would he be charging you for? Would you give someone an hour or two of good customer service if he paid you 0.3 eth? What does that translate to, $75-$150 an hour?

It’s a service for a fee, and he wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t for his own gain. What I have a problem with is the ethical implications of cutting out the creator and the attempt to paint a business transaction as some kind of extremely generous gesture. There are more than one persons like him re-selling miners they bought for a fee. The difference is that they won’t try and make it sound like they’ve just done you a huge favour.

Anyway, I won’t say any more on the matter. I shouldn’t really give two shits either way, but it really irks me when someone claims to be 100% honest when they are not, and they don’t even hide it well.


My words, you could not say it better… Anyway i think we should have stop beating him. I think everyone can make his own opinion about “Saint cryptoman fabio”. And dont forget! that he does not do this for profit, he just wants to help community :wink: