Wtc gmn invite?


I need a legit good paying GMN to mine WTC.


Hey, I am a gmn that has 70+ gpus pointed at me and growing because I pay fairly and consistently. Always looking for more gpus. Hit me up on telegram at @Martinwasreadytaken and I’ll provide more info/proof if needed.


I have a been running my WTC GMN as a pool for the past 1.5 months and have steadily grown and retained miners because I am transparent, fair, and consistent in payouts and communication.

I pay 3 wtc to everyone, and each miner can check what I am paying out to make sure there is no BS.

I can provide a new multi-gpu miner for free and help with any set up if needed.

Hit me up on telegram at @Martinwasreadytaken or join my discord at

Happy to provide more info here or in the links above!


Message me on Telegram @waltonred if you are interested. I give the new miner for free to anyone who joins my pool.