Windows 10 Mining Tweaks



If you are miner and use Windows 10 OS for mining then following script might be helpful to you.
Windows10MiningTweaksDmW : Download Link


Thank you @admin admin


Another change you all should make if getting error like " illegal memory access was encountered "

In nvidia profile inspector under common tab make following changes

  • CUDA - Force P2 State (Set to “Off”)
  • Power managment mode (Set to “Prefer maximum performance”)


When running a mining .BAT file, is there a way to copy the activity to a text log file rather than just the screen? I know you can redirect the output to a file by using something like > LOG.TXT

…bit that doesn’t let you see what is happening on the screen. Also not certain it copies output to the file until the command is finished and as we might just close the CMD window it might not write the log file correctly anyway.

I’m sure this is a common problem and the answer might be obvious but I have looked and cannot find an answer. I know I could use Awesome Miner but I don’t fell I can afford the cost


thanks, I used to optimize fresh installs on my own, this will save me time and do a better job :slight_smile:


I had the same question when I wrote a batch script that monitors my GPUs and sends info to my server sql-db. The answer is to use the api of whatever program you are launching, if it’s available.

If you use the bat file to launch a exe-file (ie ccminer) then you have to use ccminer api to get the data.
My script now fetches all GPU data from the nvidia-smi api, and all info about the miner from ccminer api.


I was more interested in creating a log file to query the last date entry. If the last date entry is not recent it would indicate miner is no longer producing entries (i.e. mining has stopped). Or you could search for an error in the log file.

I wonder whether instead of using a BAT file you could run a python script which would give you a much greater array of options to create and query files.


Thanks for this…but I think I may of disabled the ability of my box to be visible on the network…Was that an option in there?