Which miner is better for LUX



You really should not be having your TDP so high unless you have free power. Yes you get a higher hash rate with a higher TDP but you are also spending more money on your electric as well as putting a lot of stress on your card(s).

Good practice for miners is to find the settings that will get them the most hashs per watt of power.

On my 1080tis I normally am using between 150-175 watts per card as that’s where I found found the sweet spot for efficiency… also the heat is slightly more manageable

Here is a good article to read


I ditched a 2400w heater that was heating my house for my pc’s and rig which use 2100w in total and bring money in so I thinking about where you live and if you can make use of your rigs heat before investing is a great idea. I get smaller power bills, that is split between the household and everyone is warmer than usual.

TDP vs efficiency is great but if you have faith in the market or know a coin will drop within a few days then sometimes you may want to increase your TDP to get what you can get while you can, also don’t sacrifice it for stability, your miner should run for as long as possible without a crash, I manually restart my miner.bat once every 2-3 days but not because it has crashed.

Good air flow and a large room with good ventilation is the best place for your miner, on my fan cards they don’t reach 55 degrees Celsius with fans front and back for air flow as well as above for cool air intake.

I used to use the same logic you go by Trog but in todays market you have to ask yourself if you’re pumping and dumping or investing. What are you investing also? Just the cost of your mining rig or are you willing to pay for extra power to get extra coins into your wallets.

Not saying you are wrong at all, you just have to think about every aspect. Unfortunately crypto mining isn’t that simple.


Yes you are right, I just retested briefly LU with sp-mod 1 and I get 38.7 MH/s @ +400 mem +80 core 95% power load and I 25

Regarding pools, I don’t know which is better (I don’t mine LUX these days). I mined recently XVG on suprnova, and return are as good as expected in X17 but are very bad in lyra2v2… I don’t know why…


Id still follow what trog said and lower than tdp unless you live in the alps, also get rid of the mem, it’s not needed on lux, underclock it to see better results.


Im not sure whats up with suprnova’s lyra2v2 verge pool but i also had horrible results from it…I used x17 off suprnova when i mined verge.


I should try another pool for xvg lyra2v2, because it’s supposed to give close to 5$/day/ti… but I am testing prime coin XPM!


The mem overclock is “free of charge”, @+400 or +500 mem, it never crash… and it’s usefull on some algos
For the TDP, I reduce them in summer when heat is a problem, otherwise I stay around 90-97%


Lux SPMod 2 just release ?




36@ - mem and +120core with 85-90% TP, may take TP lower if it doesn’t effect much.

Keep hearing about mod2, I’m still using Mod1 and not finding a Mod2 link anywhere.


https://mega.nz/#!RaBEELza!p4mtA2Ullr4V4Ocd-siNAaxZYHXmDhGQvC0ztYgTuQE 1
Hi everyone! Its final version for public

  • Kernels speed improvements 1.08 vs 1.09a, for all 9x0 and 10x0 GTX:
    x16r +5-8%, x16s +5-10%, bitcore +5-8%, xevan +5-20% ( vs basic public), phi + 2-3%, x17 (basic), vit (new algo).

  • Support new algos : Xevan (-a xevan) and Vitality (-a vit), reccomended intensity for Xevan 19-20, for Vitality 19-21


Do you hve a bitcointalk link?


DMitry has been posting those links for a while, haven’t had any issues.


Guys, I place links only from solidarity and help, if someone does not believe in sincerity - pass by.
These links are copied from the channel of the software discord, where placed them Enemi




what is the best intensity setting for LUX

I’m getting about 27MH on single GTX1080


there is no best intensity. try it yourself begin by 19. then 20. if your system is ok for many hours then its done. overclock your core also


Z-ENEMY VER 1.10 ( SERVICE RELEASE for Zealot Team Discord)
For Windows (Cuda 9.1) Based on ver -1.10
zealot/enemy-1.10 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy


Anyone tested SP-MOD #4 for lux yet? I would love to give it a try…


me too, does anyone have it? seems to be quite good.