Which miner is better for LUX



Mining VoteCoin (Equihash) now to see if that is any good. Been ranked highly for a while and seems like is going up 50% per day. Using Bminer


Do you have a link for downloading Bminer?

Which pool are you using?



What cards are you running Trojan? I achieve this with my zoltek and 34-35mh with my Corsair sea hawks on ccminer phi.
33-36 1080ti
26.5mh 1080
20mh 1070


I got the miner from bminer.me and am using the official pool from the votecoin website…0% fee


I have the MSI Gaming Trio’s running at around 37.5 Mh/s at 80% TDP and EVGA SC’s at 35.5 at 80% TDP


Thank you…! Much appreciated.


How do you setup the .bat file in Bminer for Votecoin at votecoin pool?

@echo OFF
REM Change the following address to your Zcash taddr.
SET ADDRESS=t1ZBtpkUy1y1deYsNJnzdW4tk7HiJEcfUzr
SET POOL:6666=zec-eu1.nanopool.org
SET SCHEME=stratum
START “Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast” bminer.exe -uri %SCHEME%://%USERNAME%@%POOL% -api


Have a download link for SP mod Trojan?


Someone on the forum had shared the link. Try this: https://www53.zippyshare.com/v/igVnD3RR/file.html


Yup. SP-MOD1 is doing better for me than phi1. about 1-1.5MH/s per 1080ti better.


much better for me also
36mh/s Founder Edition 1080ti
37mh/s corsair sea hawk
27.8mh/s gigabyte 1080ti
38.5mh/s zoltak 1080ti
21mh/s galaxy 1070


been using ccminer/phi-1.0 and using pickaxe.pro pool, it has been going really well for the past two weeks, always looking for better efficiency, so I am open to something better. getting around 24.06 MH/S per gtx 1080. Goal is a masternode :slight_smile:


did you try the latest enemy miner, it’s doing well on phi?


I’m getting 29MH per 1080ti using ccminer-phi-1.0

I am keen to try Enemy and SP mod for LUX…does anyone have Github links for those versions?


they are close source miners, so no github, links for enemy were provided on the forum


Thanks…Zippyshare always fills me with worry whenever I click on anything


goto discord on raven mining, enemy has posted his mega links
copy paste of his message: Enemy -22/04/2018

Z-ENEMY VER 1.08 ( PUBLIC ) For Windows (Cuda 9.0) zealot/enemy-1.08 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy -Kernels speed improvements for GTX 1080 Ti (+10% total) -Added x16s ( up to 10-20%), fast Bitcore(BTX), fast Phi1612(LUX) -minor miner fixes … This release is reported to be more stable when it comes to higher PL or overclocking, feel free to experiment with it. https://mega.nz/#!5WACFRTT!tV1vUsFdBIDqCzBrcMoXVR2G9YHD6xqct5QB2nBiuzM Linux (HiveOS, Ubuntu) CUDA 8.0 https://mega.nz/#!xXpRBSxL!dDqX-2NFCkA8-V3kOAxVlamuxPkxZXU7CZdmW8nM5hs CUDA 9.0 https://mega.nz/#!ZOQXxIwS!nYq4Cu20e3eccwClXAlCEKy8g3G_GrfTG6U03RKDksg CUDA 9.1 https://mega.nz/#!0bgiBDKD!32vPVgkTxdWQFI_bRWVBfYSH_Tiuugj8npAbeK2D4uw)


That’s great Cirlama…enemy 1.08 bumped me from about 29.5 MH per 1080ti to about 31.50 MH


I get 36.3 MH/s on phi with enemy 1.08 @ +400 mem +80 core 95% power load and I 25


SPmod is best by far. my best card, the Zotac Amp! Extreme 1080ti is up to 38.94mh/s
37mh/s is easy to achieve on other 1080ti’s even Founder Edition (I own one)
My 1080 in my rig is now at 27.93mh/s and my 1070 is at 20.46mh/s.
Start at -502 mem, +50 core and push your card up and up until you notice crashes starting and dial it back.

I went from 1.3 coins per day to 1.9-2.1 by switching pools from bsod.pw to futurecoins.club and going from enemy miner, over to SPmod1 thanks to @trojan for hooking me up with this link : https://www53.zippyshare.com/v/igVnD3RR/file.html
Couldn’t be more happy and after a few days tweaking i’ve hit 37.5mh/s per 1080ti on my mining rig running stable without a crash or drop for days and the same for my gaming rigs.

Hoping on tweaking my Zotac to 40mh/s but i think she’s givin’ it all she’s got :wink: