Which miner is better for LUX



Which miner is beter for LUX
and how to set oc for 1080ti


CCMiner Phi Anxmod.


What is your current miner, speed and OC settings?


Not yet just learning
Which pool is better?


Try a few?


Installing wallet , i don’t know where can download miner for LUX



I normally mine LUX off BSOD.pw, they have a ton of ppl mining LUX there and thus you get pretty even payouts.

Besides LUX difficulty being down is there something I am missing on why more people are talking about it now?


RVN OR LUX Which is better?


In reply to various posts above…

  1. here is the miner I’m using… https://github.com/216k155/ccminer-phi-anxmod/releases
  2. I’m on BSOD pool (agree with above comment about there being steady payouts)
  3. I’m on core=+75 and mem=-200 (cannot recall where it was mentioned)
  4. So far returns seem a bit less than RVN but LUX seems like a solid team with a good vision


Thanks for answer


I uploaded lux sp mod 1 ccminer, faster than other ccminer
for settings, I use +80 core & +500 mem for almost all coins, and I vary the power load from 80 to 100% depending on the algo & miner (noise & heat…)

I just re-tested lux with sp mode 1: I get 38 MH/s @+80 +500 91% power load


How long does the Lux coin wallet take to sync when you start it initially. Mine still showing 25 weeks behind after 15 minutes.

It’s the latest 4.3 version of the windows wallet.



No memory overclock is needed. Underclock 500hz. Try to raise a bit the core frequency. phi1612 is core hungry.
Trojan mine had synced fast. Its not that easy because it has staking enabled. Try asking help at their discord group


Hey guys, I noticed something about z-enemy 1.08 other than improved hash rate…
Mining LUX on Bsod
For some reason…GPU 1 affects the hash rate of my entire rig…
when I try to lower the PL of GPU 1, all of my card’s hashing power went down as well.
But when I tried the opposite way… lowering the power of my other cards except for GPU 1, which I feed 100% power on it… my entire rig can reach at its best hashing power with less electricity consumption.

Just sharing guys. Try it!


Do you have a setting turned on - Synchronize settings for similar graphics processors?
It’s the first one in settings in MSI afterburner.


BSOD has raised their fee for LUX to 1.5% …no doubt as LUX no longer recommends BSOD due to the size of the BOSD being over 50%. I have switched to Pickaxe which is 1% and about 10% the size of the miners. Shame its not more spread out across pools


I switched today as well. To futurecoins, 0.9% fee, around 100GHz pool hashrate for phi.


Thanks Oposum…switched to FutureCoins from PickAxe (65GHz and 1%)

I’m using ccminer-phi-1.0 … 6 x 1080ti’s at +0 Core / -500 Memory

Is that the best miner?

Version Count Donators ES Percent Hashrate* Avg
ccminer/SP-MOD1 491 - 491 53.6% 53.1 GH/s 108.1 MH/s
ccminer/2.2.2 385 - 376 3.46% 3.4 GH/s 8.9 MH/s
ccminer/phi-1.0 304 - 304 27.18% 26.9 GH/s 88.6 MH/s

Not heard of “ccminer/SP-MOD1” wonder if its better


I’ve been using SP-MOD1 miner for about 2 weeks now.

Gives me 36 Mh/s for each 1080Ti at TDP 80% and Core 50 Memory 0
It hasn’t crashed on me even once in 2 weeks.

I haven’t tried any of the other miners for comparison.