What people mine with (didnt know where to put this)


so what kind of rigs are people using to mine


right now im on a 6x 1080ti, moving to 7x 1080ti in a couple of days


I have 1x 1080TI and 5x 1070ti in one rig

and 6x rx580 in another


I have 5x 1080TI, moving to 6x 1080ti next week.


Hi All, Sorry if this isn’t the right place (just looked and I should have created a post in the newbies section - sorry can’t delete) - I’m just starting out and looking to build my first rig. I’m planning on starting with 2x 1080 ti and gradually increase to 8x 1080 ti. I’ve been researching approach for a few weeks now and I see it’s all down to which coins you switch to and chance, so know this question coming is difficult to answer - however. What would you say is an average amount earned a day for 2x 1080 ti and 8x 1080 ti?


I have 5x 1050TI, moving to 6x 1080ti next days. I am new to mining I am following you with pleasure I am very happy with the day’s money section but within 1050 ti miners and settings will be very beautiful for me


using nicehash u can expect 0.4-0.5 mBtc per day per 1080 ti.

altcoins is as usual a gamble.


You guys are the real big-timers.

I’m just using a single 1080 ti sc2 hybrid when I’m not gaming with it, and a 970 + 680 on my server. I still contemplate selling the new card after seeing how much profit I could make that way, but would rather have it pay for itself via mining.


I got 4x 1080TI’s


I got 24 1080ti s.


Im mining with 11 1080tis. But have everthing prepared for 18, but no cards yet…


mining on 7x1080ti

ordered another 7x1080ti

building a 15x1080ti

ordered around 9xRX580 for eth strict mining

and 1X ANTMINER S9 (got it for $2800… meh, a week later another unit got sold for $2000, sad life)



Currently 18x 1080TI and 18x 1070TI.