WaltonChain (WTC-WTCT) Mining - Info - Thread



I have been very unlucky: 7 1080ti’s and found 4 blocks in 8 or 9 days. Diff has gone from 45xxx when I started to 7xxx when I stopped mining. But it depends very much on luck. So I cannot give an answer about profitability.


ya when this post was created, difficulty was 35xxx - 39xxx now currently already 71xx…Wondering if anyone else is “lucky” lately. Original wallet posted for mining in this thread didn’t get any blocks since 39xx difficulty, so i assumed the address changed or mining stopped or really unlucky.

@marius-tatar what are you mining now that you stopped mining WTCT? My miners were under maintenance and now i’m looking for something else to mine. Was previously mining LUX.


Most of time I mine RVN. Till something better gonna rise.


Mining is still pretty profitable. It used to be about a block every 2-3 days per 1080Ti and now it’s about a block every 5-6 days. With payouts of 2.5 wtc per block (I’m talking about daily wtc payout and not payout after token swap for which some GMNs pay higher to compensate the risk to miners) at current wtc price of about $8.50 that’s $3.50-$4.25 per day. Remember that the price of everything has dropped and wtc was at $13 just a couple of weeks ago, and the fact that wtc is a much larger project with multiple government partnerships that won’t just disappear or crash to nothing, yeah I’d say wtc is still a very good option and quite profitable.


@distrakt3d I’m sorry it isn’t so much as it was :slight_smile: The diff is 800TH+ (doubled), current wtc price 0.0011113(I think the fear from swap comes out), not even 7usd (half).

With 6ti rig can’t average 1b/day

Even if we could, with 2.5wtc/b (have 2.75now) you’re under 3usd/card/day. Assuming you can’t reach the 1b/day/6ti rig average with current diff, it’s just another coin as others are, with complicated random solo mining and terribly CPU intensity (need at least i7 with good cooling for 6ti).

WTC was quite useless month and a lesson for me. Can (wish) be wrong, but after swap, it’s just another shitcoin.


hallelujah brother)


All alts are dropping as btc approaches $6k. If you were mining a $5 per day coin yesterday, you won’t be getting $5 per day now. In fact the smaller cap shitcoins are probably getting hit harder.

Complicated solo mining is by design so pools do not dominate early.

6x 1080Ti rig should still average about 1 block per day. Keyword there is average - mining for only 3 days seeing only one block or even no block does not indicate average. You could get 3 blocks in one day tomorrow. If you don’t have the patience to wait at least 1 week to check the average, your experience is likely not accurate.

I wouldn’t call WTC a shitcoin by a long shot. Deep Chinese and South Korean government connections (opening the first government-backed blockchain institute in South Korea, being a guest at Beijing central government-backed blockchain conference held in the Great Hall of the People etc), partnership with Alibaba to develop smart cities, retail clothing chain currently implementing its blockchain solution right now expecting to go live within a month, retail coffee chain implementing its solution and going live in the next several months, etc etc.


With All Do Respect, I keep my hope for WTC. I’ve been mining WTC for over than month and i can tell u that one 1080Ti hit block around 8-12 days bz of high difficulty right now.


Were you mining to a MN / GMN address? I have stats of a ~18x 1080Ti rig showing 113 blocks mined in the last 30 days, and that’s including a few days of the rigs being down / not working at full capacity. That rig mines to my MN. That’s about a block every 4.5 days. Of course it would have been about a block every 3 days per 1080Ti a month ago with it now being about a block every 6 days, perhaps 7 with the recent spike in difficulty, averaging to 4.5 for the month.


GMN. what about u?


That’s a rig mining to my MN. Either you were unlucky in that month or perhaps there were issues with your rig that you weren’t aware of?


@distrakt3d “Last 30 days” isn’t “Next 30 days” . Started ~1m back, the diff was ~400, currently 800+. That’s what I said. You can’t calc future earnings by the past. That’s what Nicehash profitability calculator does and that’s why it’s completely wrong :slight_smile:

Everything said with respect and no offense. It’s discussion. Mined some blocks to your MN :slight_smile:


No offense taken - I am just giving my take on things. On my calculations 4.5 was average for the month but right now it is still one block every 6-7 days per 1080Ti by my calculations. Not the most profitable out there but IMO the most stable project out of the high-profitability coins, not that it matters for some.

At the end of the day difficulty is determined by miners. With the recent price drop you can already see difficulty staying essentially the same below 800 (minus fluctuations) in the past 10 days. Those mining to my MN are still going strong too.


2 blocks today morning… Solo mining :slight_smile:

Still at WTC because of bigger drop of Raven than WTC. Just waiting if it goes a bit up before swap to sell them (I’d bet on drop after swap, the supply will be huge and the following panic could support it more. Could (wish) be wrong. )