WaltonChain (WTC-WTCT) Mining - Info - Thread



I’m there too, found it. But no blocks with my identifier since Fri 6pm


Who are you on telegram?


The GMN that I am using pay a bit less but pay regulary and no stop. :slight_smile: All good. And you know, guys, you can trust me 100% :slight_smile:


Guys don’t accept or trade WTCT, they are test net tokens and will not be worth anything. Each address is keeping a log of WTCT mined if you look on the official block explorer, that is the only thing taken into account on token swap. Any transfers of WTCT to other addresses will be ignored come token swap.

Also, enough with the mysticism around this “custom” block explorer. I don’t know if people do have their own private ones but this public one works just fine and probably better.


All you do is set extradata in your miner. Simple as adding “–extradata ‘your data here’” to your start_gpu.bat file, it’s seriously no secret.

GMNs have no excuses to pay 2.5 WTC per block before token swap. I am MN and pay 2.5 WTC per block every day and I only get 3 WTCT per block.

By the way, MNs can go below 5,000 WTCs on the ERC20 address and still not lose MN status for WTCT mining. That is an advantage over GMNs for payouts because if any GMN does that it will lose GMN status.


Truth said, I’m getting lost in this WTC “super-profitable thing” :slight_smile: Multiple miners complain that since Fri there is no block found, whereas the days before was with exceptions a least 1b/24h (correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile: ). Diff seems quite stable, Number of nodes has grown much, Network hashrate unknown, but avg time to find block quite stable. Can’t find any strong miner new from Sat Jun2 in block explorer.

The thread quite starts to be more like competition than sharing info, so my current status :slight_smile: :

  • 6x 1080Ti, switched from RVN (what had problems with yiimp keys leak and problems with payouts, so missed that one :slight_smile: )
  • got charged from @fabio 0.3 eth (23.3mBTC) for miner, setup, gmn info and support
  • (maybe luckily) I hit every day at least block and therefore have more than half of that “fee” back, 14.5mBTC, but didn’t calc the cost of stopped RVN mining.
  • RVN earns ~400+ RVN/day , is currently 400sat, was 500+ sat on Cryptobridge
  • my current gmn pays 2wtc/block, 0.5wtc in future
  • quite expect, WTCT will be worthless in short time after swap, because huge amount will be sold immediately after swap (I could be wrong), so the 0.5wtc after swap I don’t expect to have 5usd value.
  • if we could average 1block/day (who does since Friday on 1080ti ?), we’re on 3mBTC/day (maybe +0.75mbtc for 0.5wtct)
  • if we expect to hold RVN till 500sat (it pumps), it earns ~2mBTC stable, wtc 3mBTC with random earnings, random zeros (currently 3rd day zero)


  • if anybody has contact which pays out higher WTC for blocks now (not in future), please could you provide ?
  • status of others since Fri Jun1? :slight_smile:


its never been 1 block per day on 1080TI gpu’s. average is 1 block per 4-5 days. per 1080ti gpu,but yes it seems that its slowing down a lot so far. Last week I had 2 blocks for 7 days of mining. My first week(second week of May) i got 7 blocks in 5 days.


there’s only about 360BTC worth of WTC(T) mined until now and the combined daily volume for WTC trading is over 1000BTC so I don’t expect too great of a price dump, thats unless miners really to dump the prices but the majority mined are by big farm miners which might not go into market selling the same moment they can liquidate their coins ?


Didn’t mean 1b/day per gpu, but per 6x 1080ti gpu.


I’m glad i kept mining rvn.


2 WTC now and 0.5 WTC later is a shit deal for a GMN, seriously.

Didn’t know OP was also charging for multi GPU. I doubt it’s his program, I don’t charge for multi GPU when miners mine to my MN address even though I bought mine. Just a matter of principle.

I do daily 2.5 WTC payouts now for every block mined to my MN.

WTC is not going to dump. It’s not some random unknown project. Seriously just take a look at https://medium.com/@Waltonchain_EN.

The average mining result for WTCT at the moment I would say is about 1 block per day per 4x 1080Ti. That translates to about $7 per day per 1080Ti at current WTC prices. I am expecting a huge month for WTC in June though. I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits ATH again in a month or two.


@distrakt3d PM


Hey distrakt what’s your contact info?


@distrakt3d on Line Messenger


Evt I can help with setup, donation appreciated but won’t charge you before as I was.


So what does this multi-gpus patch do?what’s the difference between it and regular multi gpu miner?


Official wallet and miner uses one gpu (so far I know, if not, the multi miner wouldn’t exist :slight_smile: ). The multi miner uses multiple gpus in one rig in command-line.


It’s teaching you the process to modify from the official miner, instead of providing pre-modified exes, so it’s safer in that sense.

The method is actually exactly the same as one multi-gpu program currently out there.


Gota say, big thanks to @fabio for introducing and setting up the wtc multi gpu miner, a little bit of fiddling but quite worth it. Been running my setup of 9 1080tis since may 19 and so far found 31 blocks. Had a few lucky days of 5 blocks per day, on the other hand a few with 0 but thats the gamble for you.


I am paying 3.5 WTC per block mined to my WTCT address at token swap (normal blocks only pay 2wtc). I am currently supporting 8 miners at around ~40 blocks a day and looking to expand and add new miners now. If you are interested in mining I need 2 things a payment address and a user tag so I can know the blocks you mined and can reimburse you accordingly this can be set using miner.setExtra(‘stringofyourtag’).

I track and post updates to the google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Oq7fFETQPmyRZ7Pw6GDLA0vzxfP3Eq6tpjQnxZZ20Z0/edit#gid=0
Or respond to me on reddit at Lbp8bd And I just created a telegram group so other miners can talk to each other https://t.me/joinchat/JLj3rxCzyenO4y1BUkXxkg My WTCT address miner.setEtherbase(‘0xbe0c5360bcba8656eadd415583200180baa8670f’)

If you are interested or have any questions please let me know, have a great weekend.

Very Respectfully, Levi


Anyone got any profitability update on this? Difficulty looks almost doubled, is it still profitable?

I understand that this is solo mining and there’s alot of luck involved, would just like to know how “lucky or unlucky” everyone has been.