WaltonChain (WTC-WTCT) Mining - Info - Thread



Thank you @fabio , that first block was fast :smiley:


Great luck and I also I include in my guide some special optmizations that will help to find the blocks faster. I am quite expert at WTC mining :smiley:


Fabio do you think its worth me trying with my single gtx 1080?


Nope, you can hit block once in 8-9 days (depends on luck)


The difficulty skyrocketed… Some mining farm must have jumped on this…
Also this guy is paying out only 2.5WTC. and 1 block has 4 WTC.
i have a deal with a gmn for 3.6 (10%) if you want i can hook you up with him.


Nice, tell me more pls. It is not worth for 2.5 imo


Can u please tell more about it
Or give ur telegram…


yes do u have his info


Hey gorsek1 I am interested also.


me too :slight_smile:


gorsek1 do not respond. I stick with Greg anyway


Will he take WTCT? I am trying to trade my 6 WTCT
for WTC or ETH. Anyone that reads this if you want to trade WTCT for WTC or ETH, contact me.


Since Fri no block on 6x 1080ti. Do you have any difficulty graph?

@gorsek1 - could you send any info on 3.6 gmn ?


Yea same here :thinking:
Not sure whats happening right now…


It doesn’t look like difficulty issue. I quite think the gmn doesn’t work.
If you see in Statistics the diff is quite same if not lower than mine last mined block on Fri, it had 475443616526 .

The gmn mining address does receive the rewards .

Can you see in console somehow that you mined block ?


Me neither, i am sure it is not difficulty issue. I think we just got no luck. But i might be wrong, who knows. My friend didnt find block in 5 days, later he found like 3 a day.
Also i do not think you can se blocks you mined, but some1 mentioned there ia a script. I try to find where was it.


You can find if you mined any block. By browsing the block explorer and check extradata. Maybe I could write it.


Oh yea, extradata works.


Do you have any block explorer where you can filter by extradata ?


Well yeah we have our “own” explorer (on Gregs pool) where you can see blocks sorted by axtradata