WaltonChain (WTC-WTCT) Mining - Info - Thread



@c3tr4 contact me and I will help you to set all up correctly and make sure all is ok (and find blocks :slight_smile: )


What Cpu do you use ? i can only run 3 of my 6 1080Ti on a i3 8100


Where do you get the script to run multiple gpu?


what’s your cpu for 5x1080ti


I have 4X1080 just 3 can run, 6X1080TI just 5 can run,also use i3-8100 i don’t know why…


Guys for details and supprot contact me on my telegram @RuplikMiner or give me your and I will contact you


I am running 2 1080ti on wtct and 4 on RVN on my rigs. See how it does :slight_smile:


Because cpu useage


Guys 2 suggestions that helped my to find more blocks

  1. I have upgraded all of my CPU to i7 and i5 (based on how many GPU per rig). This is a good investment. There are also many other algos that benefits from powerful cpu (not overloading weak CPUs is always good)

  2. reboot your PC every 3/6 hours MAX. For some reason this miner slow down everything after a few hours. I reboot mine every 3 hours.

tonight after a fresh reboot and with i7 I have found 2 blocks with 6 x 1070ti :slight_smile:


Awesome…thinking of running the same config…let us know how it does


I’ve got a MN you can mine to with daily payouts and 2.5 WTC per block, access to an independent fully automated trackable online monitoring platform and I can also assist with multi-GPU setups. PM if interested :wink:


I’m interested to mine to your WTC MN, but I’m unable to PM you.


Not sure why that is, but add me distrakt3d on Line.


Tahnk you @Fabio for all your help.


How to contact you


PM or add me on Line, same user ID


I am a Chinese miner. How can I start digging wtct?


how does one contact you?


Contact me to my telegram @RuplikMiner and I can help you


Well, thank you