WaltonChain (WTC-WTCT) Mining - Info - Thread



Ok yesterday I ahve foudn 3 blocks. Today still nothing. As you can see when solo mining it’s quite random but as for now I am still at 16usd per each of my 1070ti :smiley:


Fabio I can get the CPU miner to run and got very lucky and found a block after a couple of hours and nothing since. however if I try and mine with GPU it wont run with an error PTHREADVC2.dll

I have installed nsight and done that bit


PTHREADVC2.dll is inside another folder. Just copy from the other folder and paste it in the missing one:)

about the CPU block you have been VERY lucky hahah But solo mining is like that!


Can vouch for fabio, for helping me out on the wtc software. I average 5 blocks a day with 24 gtx 1080 ti. If I upgrade my CPU I can use all 40 of my cards to maximize my earnings.


but… 5 blocks a day its 55$ right? raven makes more with 24x1080ti right??


Or is there something i’m missing?


5 bloks per day = 123 USD now and 31.25 usd after the swap. So a total of 154 usd per day. But you DO NOT hit the same amount of blocks every day.


Nope dude… One block is 3 WTC (36usd). 36x5=180usd


Fabio I got the miner running on GPU but I have no idea what hash rate means what do you get on your 6x1070ti rig?

my hash rate monitor says 421453.375000 for a single GTX1080, but no idea if that’s good or bad




Yeah it’s kinda weird the way the hashrate is shown. Jsut set it to 70% PL, +100 or +150 CORE and MINUS 420 memory and you will be pushing it to the max.


are u rlkmn0014 ?

so crazy speed to find block !!


where did you see hash rate ?

I only see “xxxxxhasd 0.546xxxxx second” ,“xxxxxhasd 0.8265xxxxx second”,“xxxxxhasd 0.123xxxxx second”

can u show me how to see hash rate?


To calculate the hashrate you have to take the first number and DIVIDE it for the second one.


Here my stats for 3 days, 1st day 5 blocks,
2nd day 4 blocks, 3rd day 10 blocks. So far wtc is quite profitable. :smiley: if u wanna join the profit train Fabio is ur man.


Thanks buddy!!! Yes this WTC is kinda crazy! and you are mining blocks like if there is no tomorrow!!


That’s crazy, with 12 1080TI’s I have 3 days 0 blocks.


are u setting right?

i start mining 64hr, got 5 block.

last one i got it at 2hr ago

my rig is 6x1080ti.


What’s your cpu? ping? And what setting do you meen?


my cpu is i7-7700k.

ping . i dont know how to see it,soory.

fabio help me set it up , any question can ask him .

but mining WTC eat a lot of cpu loading,
I must upgrade my cooling system of CPU.

my cpu temperature is high !! (70~80 C)