WaltonChain (WTC-WTCT) Mining - Info - Thread



3 so far


well this is definitely looking good then


Thsi coin is making my day. It’s VERY profitable so far :stuck_out_tongue: also the value of this coin could go much higher


what overclock settings are you using on GPU? is it core or mem intensive?


This miner is VERY energy save. more than Lyra2z. Allost free energy hahaha

70% PL
+150 CORE
-420 MEM (MINUS)


Is the software the same as Digital Gold’s that he showed on youtube?


I can confirm low power consumption. Running on 5x1080Ti´s. Kinda mess on the screen :smile: I will update results in 24h


not sure what is the Digital Gold software


man you sure are getting more lucky than me. 24 GPUs 0 blocks in 24 hours. Everything appears to be working fine, registered wtct wallet with the telegram bot, no notifications either. everything still hashing, maybe really bad luck.


Do you guys mine with the official miner? how did you made the bat file that adds the -extradata command so that ou can recognise the blocks you mined?

edit: maybe i add it to the start.bat file?
edit2: ok i found the detailed guidethrough …:stuck_out_tongue:



I am helping and following everyone (contact me on telegram @RuplikMiner for assistance and all)

But the main answers are 2:

  1. You are SOLO mining. You know the difference right? You could be lucky and get one block with ONE 1080ti in just 6 hours or you could be unlucky and not get one single block in 24 hours with 8 x 1080 Ti.
    But, as you know, when you SOLO mine, the AVERAGE will be almost equal for everyone in the medium period.
    I have found 3 blocks in 24 hours when I started. then I have foudn ZERO blocks for more than 24 hours. Then tonight I have found one. This with 6 x 1070 Ti. It’s all about luck. But it will flat out in the medium-long time.

  2. you could have seomthing wrong in your setup. Contact me to my telegram and I will CAREFULLY check your setup and guide you on how to verify yourself.

I do my best but remember this is SOLO MINING. Not POOL MINING!!!


Jsut to clarify. THERE IS NO POOL MINING FOR THIS COIN at the moment.

When you mine for a GMN (guardian MasterNode) you still SOLO MINE.


Guys if you want a GOOD Guardian MasterNode (GMN) where to mine with AUTOMATIC tracking of your blocks (the ONLY ONE with a website with automatic tools to track your blocks) and daily payout then contact me.

I will help (as usual) step by step to set it up. Also I will explain all the advantages to mine for a GMN.

Remember, mining for a GMN is NOT mining in a pool. You still SOLO MINE! If someone tells you differently (hey you mine in my pool) he is bullshitting you. And I can explain you why.


Hi fabio @RuplikMiner I cant contact to you by telegram. Do you have any email?
thanks a lot


Hey @green give me your telegram contact and I add you


Found THREE blocks in less than 24 hours :stuck_out_tongue: HUGE PROFIT hahahaha


fabio @RuplikMiner I cant contact to you by telegram.i do search but i dont find you.do u have another telegram id?


no… it’s @RuplikMiner

send me your and I will add you


Did you find 3 blocks per day with only 6 1070ti?


Yup! :slight_smile: Quite good luck! But also some “optimizations” to help the block finding that could have helped also.