WaltonChain (WTC-WTCT) Mining - Info - Thread



Ok guys here I am! I will try to write a guide based on my direct experience with this coin.

First of all, as you could have noticed, most of the most profitable coins are the ones that are NOT on whattomine, nor on any calculator, and that pass well below the radar.

I will make this guide-info short and clear with just what is very needed to make it easy to understand. For info you can pm me or contact me to my telegram @RuplikMiner

WaltonChain have TWO tickers: WTC and WTCT. Why?

Because WTC is the original token that was not minable. And now we have the WTCT that IS minable.

The minable token (the WTCT) at the moment have zero value. No panic! The mined WTCT will be swapped to WTC soon and you will get the same amount on WCT that you can trade on Binance or Hitbtc or others.

But now YOU have a question: “Hey! I don’t want to mine a token that NOW have no value!!! I want something that NOW have real value and that I can exchange RIGHT NOW! I NEED MONEY! I WANT TO BUY FOOD FOR MY DOG!!! LOL”

And I have the answer for YOU —> No problem. You can mine WTCT and get WTC. How? Now read carefully cause it’s quite complicated (to understand but very easy to do).

WTC, the original token, had the MasterNodes and the GMN (a superior form of masternodes). With 5000 coins collateral.
Owners of MN gets 3 coins as reward
Owners of GMN fets 4 coins as reward

But YOU do NOT have a MN. Nor a GMN. So?

So here is how it works: you can get in touch with a REPUTABLE owner of a MN or a GMN (better GMN) and it will work this way: YOU will mine to his address, each block you find HE will get 4 WTC (because he has a MN or a GMN so you can’t do it yourself) and he will give you as reward a part of it. Usually 2 or 3 WTC that can be exchanged immediately!

This is a GREAT deal! So, to resume you can:

  1. Mine WTCT, get blocks (reward per block is 2 coins) and wait for the swap to change them to WTC. Then trade at the exchanges. Someome says that per each 1 WTCT they will give MORE than 1 WTC. But no one knows for real. Swap should happen quite soon.

  2. Mine for a GMN. Each block you find they will give you 2 to 3 WTC (payouts are every 24 hours). You get your WTC and exchange them to Binance or where you want.

Some people prefers to keep WTCT because they thinks the swap will give them more WTC. (maybe 2 WTC per each 1 WTCT) But no one knows for real.
Some people prefers to get WTC now and exchange immediately. This is up to you.

Actually I have found a guy that seems quite reputable and each block you mine he gives you 3 WTC. I still have to test him. Will do it today.

This, doing easy math,is VERY profitable. 1 WTC = 11/12usd now on Binance. I mined 1 block after 4 hours with 6 x 1070ti. So I would have got 3 WTC = 33 to 36 USD!! Super profitable for me.

I went to sleep and I woke up hoping to have found another block. Instead you know what I have found? That my pc rebooted cause of windows updates! I am going to sue Bill Gates!!!

if you need my help with mining, setting and ALL just contact me. Here or (better) on telegram @RuplikMiner

You can keep track of my mined blcoks here: 0x748edb8309d6c5255e459deff5f9caafee8dd5cc - https://waltonchain.net/#/main

Just one block thanks to Bill Gates. Now I started again.


Just mined another block! YHUPPI!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you @fabio


thanks Fabio. Cool stuff there.
Can you give technical info about the mining side? I know that there is no pool and you must mine with the tools they give, no?
Do you have any details?


Great guide Fabio and good to have its own thread…much appreciated.

I assume you are using your custom mining software and using all your GPUs. Software sounds expensive but returns bound to be much higher than mining with a single GPU. If this coin had a clear future then the buying the miner might have positive ROI…if this coin stops being mine-able in say a month, you might not mine enough to pay for the miner.

I look forward to more news at it seems promising


Thumbsup fabio! As usuall great stuff from you. Good luck


@DatSena you can find in the official website in the WALLET section the miner. https://www.waltonchain.org/

The official miner allows to mine by CPU (not worth) or by ONE gpu per each rig. I have a custom software that allwos to mine using multiple GPUs per rig. I am giving for a small ETH fee. I also give full assistance on setting it up and all. On telegram @RuplikMiner

Jsut to follow my post. I mined now 2 blocks in about 20 hours (with a down time of about 5 hours thanks to Bill Gates). With 6 x 1070Ti. So I got 4 WTCT (not WTC) tokens that RIGHT NOW have no value. Will be swapped for WTC in the near future.

But now I am going to mine for a GMN. So per each block I will find I will get THREE (3) WTC. WTC that can be traded RIGHT NOW.

So to do some easy math: I mined 2 blocks in about 20 hours (with some downtime). If I was mining for the GMN I would have got 6 WTC = about 66usd in 20 hours. SLURP!


@Flintstones I don’t know about the future of this coin, Usually I don’t hold coins. I just hold ETH,BTC and LTC. I exchange all the rest quickly. :slight_smile:


@hegemon1 Thanks buddy!!



I have found a VERY good GMN where to mine with real time tracking.

here is the thing to RESUME:

Basically now the WTCT that you mine is a Token that have ZERO value now. It will be swapped for WTC during the next 15/45 or max 60 days. 1 WTCT will be 1 WCT. 1 WCT value now is about 11/12usd. So now if you want to mine it you can SOLO mine it (to mine with with multi gpu I can provide the software) and you will get WTCT that right now have no value. But will have after the swap.

If you want to mine and get WTC RIGHT NOW, that can be exchanged RIGHT NOW (on Binance) you have to mine for a GMN. When you mine a block for a GMN the GMN gets 4 WTCT per each block you find.
In exchange he gives you something. He gives you WTC.
So you can exchange them immediately. The problem is that some GMN do not pays immediately or they pays with delays and MOST IMPORTANT you have no easy way to track if YOU mined a block for them or some other miner. Because ALL the miners that mines for that GMN will mine on the same address.

SO I have found and cutted a deal with a GREAT GMN. They have a special scrypt where you can track live the blocks that YOU mined VERY EASILY.

The reward is: each block you mine they gives you 2 WTC with daily payouts and 0.5 WTC right after the swap. Also this GMN have a website with a custom made scrypt where you can check YOUR mined blocks. nothing is done by hand. All is automatic. no one else have it. I think it’s a good deal.

There are some others that offers a bit more reward but this one is VERY trustable. I searched among many and I find this one to be the most trustable. The best. And the ONLY ONE with automatic tracking of the blocks you mine.

For all of this setup I will TOTALLY follow you. I can do it with teamviewer for you or just giving you insutructions.

Just contact me on telegram @fabio

Let’s get the big profit!!!


@fabio ,

I cannot find you in telegram…don’t know why…btw I mined with one gtx1080 ti with cli and found a block but not yet in my wallet… btw this guy with GMN can also trade WTCT for WTC ?


@RuplikMiner you should be able to add me. Or give me your contact and I add you.

You will not see your WTCT balance on teh wallet. Wallet is never workign correctly. You can see it on the block exploer.

yes the good of mining for a GMN is that you mine WTCT but they pays you in WTC that you can trade IMMEDIATELY :slight_smile:


well bizarrely I have mined a block with CPU alone according to block explorer but you are right it doesn’t show in wallet. how can you do anything with it if it doesn’t show in wallet?


would seem I mined it last night and didn’t realise


2018-05-17 21:18:49


Please @garrafk read my post just up. I explained everything there :slight_smile: VERY big luck mining with cpu hehehe


Fabio I don’t want to trade the coin immediately happy to hold. I’m assuming they will fix wallet at some point and it will then show?


actually this wallet is just for the WTCT. Once they will swap for the WTC they will release a new wallet. You will jsut use your public and private key in the new wallet and you will find the WTC coins swapped :slight_smile: Actually now the coin value is 11.5usd but it was up to 50usd!!! Great potentials!! Not the usual crap shitty coin.


how i can do multi gpu wtct mining?
plz guide me


lol @magic1981 you didn’t read my post huh? hehehe read it and then if interested contact me to my telegram @RuplikMiner


Fabio how many blocks have you got now in total