VERGE Mining - How to mine XVG coin?


Claiming to be one of the most private coin in cryto sphere, Verge is a multi-algorithm coin that can be mined using any one the algorithms that is based on. Verge uses anonymity-centric networks like TOR and I2P and hence the privacy is ensured. Here the basic info:

Symbol - XVG

BTC Price - 0.00000917

Market Cap - $ 933,849,218.00

Volume - $ 135,073,000.00

Improving upon the Bitcoin Blockchain, it aims to be a a fast, efficient and decentralized payment gateway that does not compromises privacy.

Profitability : $5/day/1080Ti (X17 Algo)

Algorithm : Lyra2rev2, X17, Myr-Groestl, Blake2s and scrypt

Exchange Listed - All major ones like Binance, Bitrex and others

For detailed guidance on Verge Mining read the article below where all the questions like

1. Which Algo to use for maximum Profits?
2. Best miner suitable for verge with each algo?

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