Sigil Mininig - $5/day/1080 ti



SGL- Sigil :
Found this coin which is 700% up today. So profit may no last long my advice will be to sell immediately after receiving mined coins.
At the time of writing of this post SGL price is 0.0000150 BTC at

As per my calculations if difficulty remains stable at 10 and price 0.0000150 BTC/SGL then you will be making $5/day/1080 ti which is very good in current market situation.

Mining Algo : neoscrypt
Mining Pool :
Mining Software : Excavator Miner by Nicehash : Fastest Neoscrypt Miner
Mining Guide :


Update : Price dropped now. So current profit is around $2/day/1080 ti



I’m in :slight_smile: with 3 mh/s


not profitable anymore


Ah, i was started before 10 minutes :smiley: :slight_smile:


is xvg profitable still? how much per 1080ti?