Shared Masternode Advise


I’m looking to invest my current mined coins via shared masternodes, however I have no experience in this and need some pointers from the community here.

  • Is it safe to invest in a shared MN? I’m sending my coins to someone who provides this service, how do I know they won’t just pack up shop and leave?
  • What are some reliable options for MN sharing services, where do you guys invest?
  • What are some requirements if I wanted to host my own MN?

I’m a novice in this, so please excuse the barebone terminology.




I’ve never used shared MNs so I can’t speak to that, but if you want to host your own MN, you can go through someone like digital ocean and be able to host a MN from 2-3 coins at least for $5/month using their basic VPS. That is what I have done and had no problems.


I have used for a few shared MN under their shop!