Rig Building


does someone have already built a rig using a 4U case like this one : Rosewill RSV-L4000C - 4U Rackmount Server Case https://www.newegg.com/global/fr/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16811147277

I know most people use open air frame, but I’m considering to have the rig colocated in a Datacenter (no noise no heat) and they don’t accept open air frame. therefore I’m wondering whether having each gpu so close to each other (see the picture from the link) could be a problem and also whether a closde case would provide enough dissipiation.

Also if someone has some feedback about hosting his rig in a datacenter please share

About price, the cheapest 1080 ti I have seen lately was $900


13 *1080 ti rig stable on windows 10 I thought it was not possible : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2752467.msg33108824#msg33108824


I just ordered an OctoMiner (https://octominer.com/) which I think is similar to the unit you’re looking at.
Will try it at home with quieter fans and heat exhaust ducted to outside. If all goes well may pick up one or two more to fill up some available DC colo space.


That’s interesting, what do you expect from that octominer in term of $/day ?


I just bought the case and motherboard…planning on 6x1080TI+2xMisc to fill it.
So expecting no difference from open air rig but it will be way easier to control where waste heat goes.


I see, yes 1080 ti are a far better option even if the ROI is down to around 1 year lately. My understanding is that one could have a more efficient air flow with a properly ventiated case.


In case you are looking for a legitimate license for Win10…not tried to myself but this guy is pretty solid so assume it is true


Hi all

I’ve just got my hands on 6 * 1070ti cards for only 380 eur / piece. (±455 dollar)
The cards are 3 months old, no worries, its legit. (tests: ok, warranty:ok, …)

But… its a model with only 1 fan…
I hope i can cool it enough so i won’t get in trouble with the heat…

You guys think i’ve made a mistake?


You’ll probably be fine as long as you don’t OC too much.
Open air cards allow much higher clocks than blower cooled cards though. The blower (one fan type) usually run louder and hotter, but they will still perform great. For 380 euro/piece, I think you’ve made a great deal!


Great card, for that kind of money. I also want this.))


Ok Guys, The rig is up and running and working fine…
I had to install a big FAN in front of it… but the 25€ and +40Watt are worth it :smile:

Running at 80% PWR @ 70 degrees (it’s pretty hot atm in Belgium)

Got a question tho… i recently changed my OS from Windows 10 to Ubuntu - Simplemining.
Are there other programs like Simplemining out there? Or is this the “best” one?

Here’s a pic:


There’s also HiveOS based on ubuntu. I’ve seen it recommended a lot.
I use a Ubuntu base installation + nvidia drivers + miners for whatever coins I’m mining at the moment. dstm (equihash), suprminer (raven), etc.