Raven Mining


anyone has enemy miner discord?


pls tell me the discord link!!!






i believe the software is in the new channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/CqbfUZd


Something must be wrong on jkcpool, last 24h I only got 150RVN with 4 1080ti (usually I’m around 250+).
Am I the only one in that situation?


Same here


Got the same problem, normally I get something around 700 RVN, now I am barely on the half.


It was unlucky day for RVN on jkcpool as pool find only 2 block in last 24 hours, that’s why you received less coins.
Two more RVN block mined in 30 minutes, Hope we frequently find more blocks in future


enemy 1.06 is coming?


Sorry, I’m abit confused with all the new miner versions and all. Can anyone help me clarify the following points? (For me and the benefit of people just starting to look into raven mining)

  1. What are your profitably rates for raven coin per 1080ti card per day on JKCPool?
  2. Anyone has averages for the other pools for raven?
  3. Which is currently the best miner to use for raven coin (possible add a download link pls!)
  4. What 1080ti Model are you running and what OC settings? (Admin recommended 100% TDP and Core +50, but every card is different so feel free to share your settings!)

  1. Don’t have enough hashrate so pool luck is major factor.
  2. Never used other pools for RVN.
  3. try these
    enemy 1.03 https://mega.nz/#!n6xhHZxJ!kgFjxV7S-JdK7Joeqlou4YWLLxUiPbhVV5eQ_K1nWXg
  4. same


Thanks admin for the answers! If it’s not too much trouble would you be able to add on to the following pointers/replies to your reply?

  1. I understand luck is the major factor but it would help to know historical evidence so people can help determine if it’s worth switching from any other coins. Possible to know the number of RVN coins mined per 1080ti Card in the last 24/48/72 hours?
  2. Which of these 3 miners are you using? I’m assuming any of this 3 will work and none is better than the other? Or each them have their own Pros and Cons. For instance, having high donations but also higher hash rates and stuff like that.
  3. I’ve heard of power spikes with x16r. Will running 75-85% TDP and +50 core be more stable and increase card longevity? Will it reduce electrical cost to profit efficiency though?

Sorry for requesting so much information! If it’s too much trouble, please just ignore me and continue keeping up with the good work on jkcpool so far! :smile:

  1. You can at least see the found blocks on the pool here https://jkcpool.com/site/block?id=1949
    From there calculate based on your share the average earnings
  2. You can use the enemy 1.03, thats what I am using as well yet for X16R/X16S
  3. Myself is running on TDP78 and +125Core, you will need to test with which settings your cards run best. Need to lower TDP indeed due to the nature of x16r and the spikes. Otherwise my Rig crashes, freeze, turn off, whatever …


Raven down to 0.00000408 BTC… I think it’s time to secure the wallet and put it away for a year…

What are the community’s thoughts about this downward trend for RVN? definitely not profitable to mine at the moment, better off to mine something else and trade for RVN at this current price.


miner comparison https://ravenforum.org/topic/25/a1-vs-suprminer-vs-nevermore-vs-enemy-1-04-test-results


So, pool luck was on weekend? :joy::rofl::joy:
Let’s hope it will be better on working days.
Still, and will stay on jkcpool.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/149rhgidvv4h95s/z-enemy-1.08-cuda80.tar.gz?dl=0 -cuda 8.0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6w6rdzsw5xnlgq/z-enemy-1.08-cuda91.tar.gz?dl=0 - cuda 9.0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6w6rdzsw5xnlgq/z-enemy-1.08-cuda91.tar.gz?dl=0 - cuda 9.1

Z-ENEMY VER 1.08 ( PUBLIC ) For Windows (Cuda 9.0) zealot/enemy-1.08 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy -Kernels speed improvements for GTX 1080 Ti (+10% total) -Added x16s ( up to 10-20%), fast Bitcore(BTX), fast Phi1612(LUX) -minor miner fixes … This release is reported to be more stable when it comes to higher PL or overclocking, feel free to experiment with it. https://mega.nz/#!5WACFRTT!tV1vUsFdBIDqCzBrcMoXVR2G9YHD6xqct5QB2nBiuzM


thanks, tested windows version on x16r, roughly +6%, BTX +10%, Phi1612 is almost the same speed for me (using win10), X16s not tested

please tell your friend I miss X17 for XVG that provides good return these days!


x17 and other algo in next relise