Raven Mining


uploaded from latest post by enemy in discord:

(it’s looks as the same version I uploaded before, but as per his post, I believe it’s slightly different)

If you wan’t the original link, goto discord ravencoin lounge and software


All links on here. I would not recommend enemy 1.05 there are known bugs and i get alot of rejected shares.


Many thanks gents…much appreciated for the link to the alternative miners.

I wonder if there it is possible to run a program which will load various versions and then go the one which has the best results. I guess it’s what we already do manually…but just automated slightly with a bit of log file checking. Just an idea.


Ravencoin Miner v2.4 is beter than enemy-1.04?


Enemy 1-03a Fixed bug shavite skip block - native , no imp
Cuda8 Windows x32 (enemy-1.04a) Fix pools switch + support 11card+ add support x16s (Pigeon)
This now supports 11+ gpu’s, AND x16s (pigeon)
Cuda 9.1 Windows x32( z-enemy-1.05a) Fix pool switch +minor imp:
Cuda 9.1 NIX (z-enemy-1.05a) Fix pool switch +min imp


only 1.04a support x16s?1.05A is not?


Guys, there’s a sell order on cryptobg of 36+ mil coins. Biggest one I’ve eber seen till now.


That’s fine, I’m not selling my RVN coins for pennies anyway. Project is still too early, will be waiting a while for maturity and higher value.


Order is gone but the price dropped 10% instantly… damn whales…


It’ll go back up :wink:


Anyone noticed, rvn coin mining on jkcpool, the hashrate has gone down significantly for my 1080ti’s. i think admin needs to restart the servers


same here. miner shows 73mh/s but in my wallet stats I see 443 kh/s


yes exactly, something is really wrong


I do not understand what happened, why the pool strength fell so much, only 2 gh / s


something is messed up on pool server and it needs to be restarted by the admin I believe


Error fixed now.
On backend everything was working perfectly but hashrate were shown wrongly on frontend.
Restart x16r on server, everything is working fine now


No blocks found for 13h!! Is something wrong?


I experienced that too, how did it go for so long without an earning? It finally gave me an earning like 40 minutes ago, and hopefully it’s back to normal. I’m relatively new to mining, but that was pretty messed up, half a day of running my machine and nothing to show for it. Is that “luck”? Was the pool misconfigured? Anyone have an idea why that happened?


The pool, at this moment, does not have a very big hash rate, thus luck of pool matters. But you have to see results from 2-3 days of mining. I’m on jkcpool almost from begining and not planning to change that.
Good luck to us all and happy mining!


Overall i have found this pool to out perform other options (higher hash rate pools) - I know it can take several hours to find a block, but i have never gone 13 hours without finding a block. Hopefully its all back on track now…