Raven Mining


Wait for the official release of Enemy 1.0.4 guys. They are working hard to resolve some bugs so for your hash rates sake just wait!


the latest suprminer 1.6.7 is significantly faster than enemy 1.0.3 https://github.com/ocminer/suprminer/releases (tested on win10 only, works in x16r or s)

waiting enemy 1.0.4 to compare


could you please post the results?


It seems that there is a new exchange with RVN: https://graviex.net/markets/rvnbtc


Moment X: new miner by Enemy
with devfee, but +5% of hash from 1.03


tks, i will test!


Diff dropped at last 3 blocks found on jkcpool? Is it possible?


Its whole network difficulty


new suprminer1.6 is giving me good hash results for 3 1080 tis


Moment of relise! superhash miner from Enemy Cuda 9.1
and who like old school ccminer by Enemy with Cuda 8 (+4-5% about 1.03)

Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners

both works fine (gtx980+1070+1080ti), testing 1.05 for hashrate

it would be good to have a 1.06 with x17 working (x17 was working fine with better hashrate than other versions of ccminer on enemy 1.0.3, even if I know that x17 is less interesting that a few days ago with the on-going attack on XVG Verge)


the link for superhash miner is offline?


Superhash miner from Enemy Cuda 9.1 link doesn’t work.


cuda9.1 link is wrong?


İs there any performance difference between cuda8 or cuda 9 enemy miner ?


I uploaded the file for u: https://www80.zippyshare.com/v/7CfwbPUY/file.html, but it would be best if Dmitry could repair the genuine one


https://mega.nz/#!5XBhlKbT!7-D7fQqfXSzIHMbmLonhiso1qSOaC4EgAAXKAvwMPAA here new link


Found a bug with enemy 1.05, miner just stopped working with no reason. No messages, no errors, miner window haven’t close, simply has stopped on “mining dev fee” line. Don’t know if 1.04 version is affected too…


same, I posted it on “coin of the day”


Anyone have a link to Enemy 1.05 miner? I was going to try it out but am struggling to find a working link here.