Raven Mining


Maybe one of these :


Yes, that’s it. Thank you.


Hi guys , update of nevermore miner https://github.com/brian112358/nevermore-miner/releases . im getting +10% Happy Easter to all !!!


and latest suprminer: https://github.com/ocminer/suprminer/releases


Is it better than enemy 1.03?


testing enemy vs nevermore vs suprminer (when testing the 1st two, i noticed they where similar except for “fugue” algo in which nevermore is 5 time faster…)


Byt enemy whithout dev fee


after a few hours, enemy is 2-3% faster than suprminer for me, now testing enemy vs nevermore


in this time enemy work with him friend daekrist for another miner in this algo. New name of miner is - zealot/enemy-1.04. More fast
Of this moment you cant find him on net. Wait another few days and use for free


link pls, i can’t find!!!


and test, Beta test for closed group and another for all. Of this moment work with 2 algo:x16r and x16s


Not to much luck today on pool :disappointed_relieved:


there is a new release for suprminer https://github.com/ocminer/suprminer/releases

it’s doing quite well on x16s (tested on EDEN), slightly better than enemy 1.03 and latest nevermore


Test version
5/1070 1/1070 ti


so nice !as quickly as possible, i want it!


Do you have a link to download zealot enemy miner


Please. wait
in this time continue test 2nd relise




I’m willing to test it :slight_smile:


Sup guys. i know no one can know for sure but the future of raven? what are you guys doing with your coins after today’s dip? im in two minds. im relatively new to mining and trading even more so. any insight would be great