Raven Mining


how it it go? better than enemy?


nevermore and enemy seems very close after 1 night… (tested on 1080 ti & 1070)

may be slightly better with enemy (but difficult to say with changing algo)


with opensource just use nevermore miner, we have been testing out with 37 *1080ti cards it gives results. better on linux hiveOS, nearly same on windows.

just dont use enemy miner, there is no source.


Anyone else have trouble posting orders on cryptobridge? It takes a long time and more than half of the time it fails after the Confirm step.


Also it’s crazy to me that someone is buying almost a full bitcoin worth of Raven right now at it’s ATH


“Your transaction expired without being confirmed” Over and over


Works fine for me. You can try the desktop version if the web one doesn’t work.


That’s a good idea- I forgot that they offer that. It was also just listed on Nanex. If the volume grows there I may start using it - it’s a really nice exchange (if you want to end up with NANO)


Check this new miner
they says it’s 10% faster than nevermore


i had some shitty hash rates with nevermore. best for me has been enemy. i’ll compare to 1.03 a little later on. have you tried it out yet?


Hi guys , is ccminer/enemy-1.03 a safe miner ? because my antivirus keeps deleting it .


Yes. I disable antivirus on my mining rig OS but make sure wallet are on your personal computer.


is ccminer/enemy-1.03 actually faster then other mining software?


I would say so, I have even tried the latest suprminer via the link given by Fabio, I think that enemy 1.03 is the fastest on Windows


Any good source for enemy miner 1.03 ? Using nevermore now




here are the latest posts from “enemy” himself and he has provided a link

I am not sure that the manual diff he recommends is stil the best ( -p d=16 ), it was good some time ago, but recently I removed it and let stratum decide the diff


The price came back down from the stratosphere - I definitely did a little bit of sell low, buy high. oops. The overstock CEO’s investment and upcoming announcement makes me think the price spike might not have been a fluke, though. what to do, what to do :slight_smile:


I saw few days ago a calulator I think proposed by bitsbetrippin specially for Raven mining. But I can’t find it right now. Do you have the link guys?


may be this?