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Nick wrote:
@NICK could you please provide a link to these talks about enemy ?
It’s in the facebook Raven page. i know, its facebook but still… https://www.facebook.com/groups/557711717954881/?multi_permalinks=574041802988539&notif_id=1520795045006263&notif_t=group_activity&ref=notif The post is by a Jesse Fischer
The link is gone, could someone upload it on the forum? Thanks[/quote]



Found it https://mega.nz/#!2WpXVRzD!3smWDBYQyTuxq2fMQwNbTuR1Eueu5kQZkxxlT7tBq54


Update miner in guide - [ccminer enemy 1.03 for Raven]


ccminer -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://jkcpool.com:3636 -u R9wUEhczz7n6w6KYn3svgt3FZTWTm37zZ6

Here is a simple working scrypt to run. Just change your wallet Address.
Happy mining.

CCminer is Enemy 1.03 and OC setting are 80% power, +100 core +400 mem on 5 1080ti’s mining stable.


In case anyone is interested, I’m definitely getting cpu bound (or something) on my linux mining rig with RVN. My windows Ryzen 7 desktop with 2 1080 Tis gets only 35% less hashrate than the celeron rig with 5 1080 Tis, 2 1070s, a 1080, and two 1060s.


Hello there, stupid question but how can I set rigname in bat file for jkcpool.com for raven mining thanks.


I’m afraid you can’t…


I have been trying to mine rvn for a couple of days but my rig keeps on crashing. Used enemy and ccminer2.5 with same result, pc hungs up after 3 or 4 hrs. I have 4 1080ti’s tdp 80, 50 core, 300 mem and
1 1080, and 2 1070 at 80, 50, 300


Try this


New nevermore x16r RVN miner:

Join the JKCpool!


Found the link on discord raven lounge #software
Enemy miner linux version


Did the difficulty increase extremely? I am getting a lot less RVN.


difficulty went from 13.02k to 15.171k


I went from 800/day down to 560/day…


Nevermore miner looks much, much better in terms of hashrate for me on linux. Back up to where I’d expect. It wasn’t being reported in the supernova pool though. on jkcpool it matches the output on my machine.


Ok, contributing my 230 MH/s to jkcpool. Let’s see if we get a little lucky.


Diff went up again…time for new coin.


Did you calculate the change in return?


I didn’t but the difficulty has gone from 12 to 17 in a few days from what remember. It may still be worth it depending on what the coin does over the next few months.


trying nevermore on windows, will see if it gives more than enemy…


Still looks like it may be $3-4 per card.