Raven Mining


The firs transaction was 3 days ago should have arrived already. Normal is 5min…


what rvn do you think one should expect from 12 gtx 1070’s, im very curious , because few share their spesific “holy” gtx 1070 exeriences on the net . currently at yiimp raven x16r pool 59 GHz , time to find blocks vary between 20 and 30 min.
i manage to cap 0.2 - 0.3 persent of the shares yielding between 8rvn and 13rvn at 18660.180 difficulty. now i am clipping this chain buisness at 90 power 685 memory
70 fan, with my cmd saying i 20 and difficulty 40. My 24 hour has been between 580 and 750 Raven coin. so you think i should try higher core and
lower memory on x16r ? Is the treasuse higher usually , im only 2 months at this gpu thing ? thanks anyone. oh yes, its pulling 2100 watt from the socket before i forget.


one should have a max raven per gpu competition on various designs and share the results here.


how much mh\s x16r do you reach per card ?


I’m getting around 20MH/s per 1080ti. But i’m using also higher intensity, -i=21.


Can anyone help ? I cant send my funds to CB. The leave my wallet but never show up in CB wallet. All looks well on the blockchain. I send 20 rvn to a new account and that worked ! so next i send 1000 rvn and it never showed up. Now i have about 6000 RVN somewhere ?

Status: 759 bevestigingen
Datum: 12-6-2018 09:34
Aan: bondsim2 RTNGjhDpqasRibeMpzfrrjahY56kxefSdB
Debet: -1000.00000000 RVN
Transactiekosten: -0.00000411 RVN
Netto bedrag: -1000.00000411 RVN
Transactie-ID: fba844faa2c41dddffffdf5a4f91033f7346dd251af2a8c95ffc24f232a80537
Transactie totale grootte: 373 bytes
Output index: 0

Status: 3285 bevestigingen
Datum: 10-6-2018 15:09
Aan: bondsim2 RTNGjhDpqasRibeMpzfrrjahY56kxefSdB
Debet: -20.00000000 RVN
Transactiekosten: -0.00000248 RVN
Netto bedrag: -20.00000248 RVN
Transactie-ID: d60016624ffcfe6cb15c70a7368ad3544b74d1f77b2d3a64a76fc6cee7545489
Transactie totale grootte: 226 bytes
Output index: 1

Status: 3600 bevestigingen
Datum: 10-6-2018 10:13
Aan: bondsim RXx3RJaRzk49dTHxNv9sUDXxoStZxAurKQ
Debet: -1579.00000000 RVN
Transactiekosten: -0.00001551 RVN
Netto bedrag: -1579.00001551 RVN
Transactie-ID: 91c286ddcb113d0d0eabde58e32ae08c8ac9ef9b72dac695625f74ed8a879ca6
Transactie totale grootte: 1407 bytes
Output index: 0
Status: 4694 bevestigingen
Datum: 9-6-2018 15:46
Aan: exchange RYZ8VJK5AMZWBFmRXo8DbAYasG37dRyTdY
Debet: -1500.00000000 RVN
Transactiekosten: -0.00000574 RVN
Netto bedrag: -1500.00000574 RVN
Transactie-ID: eadb21d94093fc390849d29f2e6674ea3e966c58e98773cf7c269ca7a7a543f1
Transactie totale grootte: 521 bytes
Output index: 0


There is a problem on CB, they’re working on it…


Thanks :slight_smile:


hello guys,
im mining raven with Z-ENEMY VER 1.08 ( PUBLIC )
i did not receive any transaction
i read in comments above that i will receive transaction when a block is done,
i started mining on block 262548 and now its on 262570 and still no transaction,
i also made sure that the wallet address is mine,
let me know if anything is going wrong
thanks and have a good day


which pool are you mining on? if you started now, the first payment is taking hours to show. be patient.


Hey guys, do you know when are payments made on JKCpool?


Somehow auto payments function got broken which I will fix in next few hours. Thanks for letting me know about the issue.
For the time being I have done pending payouts manually


Anyone mining now? What’s daily btc rev /1080ti ? The diff seems insane at 33g+ and 300sat price.


Auto payments not working check please again.


You will receive payments everyday


Hi @admin!
Is the mining/wallet on JKCpool sw updated for latest Ravencoin fork (dynamic difficulty adjustment)?
I’m asking because on my miner’s log I see difficulty 9924.626, but on whattomine.com it says 28,124.561 (this value is also shown in suprnova).


Wallet not updated. Will do in next few minutes.


RVN wallet is updated to latest version


It seems good now, also from my miners side :slight_smile:


Hi guys I new user.