Raven Mining


miners on Cryptopool … yall receiving payout normally ?


Many of the pools are paying manually until things become more stable. I think payments are fine but I have the number of coins has dropped even though difficulty has dropped.

I am leaving RVN for a little while until things settle down.

No idea what to mine in its place though.


Mine SPD so we can finally set shared MN up :rofl:

Also I am thinking about Keyco, looks like good project


hey everyone,

are you mining RVN right now? or something else.

mining RVN currently gives $3 /1080ti for us.

what about you?


In past few days, I oscillated between raven, stipend (but there are issues on crypto bridge wallet) and selling lyra2rev2 (equihash 10% of time) to nicehash (that was a long time wo using nicehash…)


RVN was great a couple days ago but seems to have tanked.


Hello , GTX 1070 gigabyte windforce 2fan , 12 of them, so far the most stable mining of around 6 - 700 rvn per 24hrs . the most stable so far are 2 settings on afterburner 450 . 2 b250 mining experts running 6 each with 1200 watt corsairs each , and settings are either power 89/memory 650 /core 0 /fan 70 with reject shares OR 89 power/ 540 memory/ same others. 540 mem yields 7 - 9 rvn per block on yiimp AND 650 memory yields 9 - 12.9 per block.

Any soul welcome to suggest other options with same kind of gear I am very curious about my raven options mining it.


I think you should increase core a bit, especially with power limit around 89%
my 1070 is always +150 core +500 mem (I vary the power limit from 85 to 95%)

=> the +core -power does offset the voltage



For Windows (Cuda 9.1)
zealot/enemy-1.11 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy

  • Performance improvements: x17 (+4-8%), x16r&s (+1-3%) and other …

  • Fast start on multi gpu-rigs

  • GPUs limit increased to 24

  • AeriumX(AEX) - the miner supports Aerium new swap algo (-a aeriumx), starting 4th June.

  • Added: C11(-a c11) basic , Skunk(-a skunk) basic , improved TimeTravel8(-a timetravel) and Polytimos (-a poly)

Windows Prime build ver.3:

Linux (Ubuntu, HiveOS)

Cuda 8.0: https://mega.nz/#!cSJBDKIJ!hBW89Lmxvrws_MgdXxt_yrnV4ClXrRz7EnOGrcjPU7A

Cuda 9.0: https://mega.nz/#!ILYEQT5I!jvngGK1KlJ-7CbWolYAb7RtIZkgTDVSXVIqBorWBMEk

Cuda 9.1: https://mega.nz/#!0XYkiZ4L!8xj-aqBA4BVDUx_ZZ29wKbevUkr47lVUJaTcG5Qymwg


Well, nice… But, you plan to release new versions like every week??? I am just afraid that in few months there will be version 98986484.11.154


this plan of Enemy and DK, no my


U know updating is not mandatory… you can just stick with what you’re using now.


i have seen public v4 in bitcointalk?


Don’t worry. It’s getting better, not worse :wink:


Keep up the good work!
/me goes to mine some dev fee :wink:


Hello, could you tell me what’s the sweet spot for 1080 Ti cards when mining RVN ?

What’s your Power limit, GPU and mem clock ?

Thank you.


Guys price of RVN seems bad on CB , even Nicehash looks more profitable by their (yes quite optimistic) calculator.


All coins are dropping. So not selling now…:grinning:


Having problems with CB, RVN send from my wallet not showing in portfolio ? All looks normal in wallet but coins never arrive in exchange.

Status: 1115 bevestigingen
Datum: 8-6-2018 22:49
Aan: exchange RYZ8VJK5AMZWBFmRXo8DbAYasG37dRyTdY
Debet: -2000.00000000 RVN
Transactiekosten: -0.00000737 RVN
Netto bedrag: -2000.00000737 RVN
Transactie-ID: 0e3c7b0ee16997ed885f3bff4e0d3da00013652e3dc600a3d51751d477d0bc81
Transactie totale grootte: 668 bytes
Output index: 0


The transaction is completed now:


Should be in CB soon!