Raven Mining


Hi, anyone using superminer here ? I read the ennemy is mentionned multiple times but not superminer…


suprminer is a good miner without fee, performing slightly less good than enemy https://github.com/ocminer/suprminer/releases

there is a 1.09b enemy version on discord…


I have 1.09a working better than 1.08. At me too 1070 and 1070ti. Most importantly - look not at the speed in the console, but on payments from the pool. Overclocking from me: 80 +170 +150


24h since last block on JKCpool :confused:


Z-ENEMY VER 1.10 (PUBLIC) For Windows (Cuda 9.1) zealot/enemy-1.10 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy - Fixed compatibility issues that resulted in performance degradation with some non-yiimp pools. Now you’ll see the expected hashrate on them (suprnova). - Kernels speed improvements : (1.09b vs 1.10) +1-2% total (all algos) and +1-2% for x16r &x16s. - Support & impove new algo : Tribus (-a tribus) , recommended intensity for Tribus 20-21. +5% speed vs 1.09b ( Service release) https://mega.nz/#!8bJTVAAL!o6a6CdiqBnQ4jbEQae0yuW4F3JDf24Ny7ieWjKjTXJw(изменено)


For Linux ( HiveOS & Ubuntu ) Cuda 8.0 https://mega.nz/#!5HoHxSYR!YgTmDLTipVSb6HEUplrV_FHFLOFDOWUuSg69kFTDrY8 Cuda 9.0 https://mega.nz/#!YGIFXZiT!cLA8C4G6Qk79MzlnQSWcI5YCMSY8Q6eLBweG92lFf-I Cuda 9.1 https://mega.nz/#!gf4ACYjb!LKIzQitOUBi6Xn7PZ0M-HfrXqP0krNMRw5nkRfkJqyY


Z-ENEMY VER 1.10 ( SERVICE RELEASE for Zealot Team Discord)

For Windows (Cuda 9.1) Based on ver -1.10
zealot/enemy-1.10 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy


what pool are people using for Raven currently






https://cryptopool.party too




z enemey 110 service
65% TDP
+100 core
+150 mem
6 1080ti
1 1070ti


z enemey 110 service
65% TDP
+100 core
+150 mem
6 1080ti
1 1070ti


Anyone mining Raven on Suprnova having issues today?


I hate suprnova shit pool and i suggest everyone use onether ones. Just my personal opinion


Not gonna get in a debate about what pool’s what. That being said, your post is very helpful, thx.


can someone explain to me why is somebody trying to keep the RVN price down by selling huge amounts of RVN in short time and building 6-digit sell walls at the same time to prevent the price to raise again?


FYI: The attack/hack allows the pool’s private wallet key to be extracted. All Yiimp-based pools (even if the server is turned off) funds are affected (At this point only RVN pools were hit). Pools such as Ravenminer.com are still accepting shares THOUGH all newly found blocks rewards are going to the attacker’s wallet. I suggest stopping all mining to Yiimp based pools (at least RVN if you are still on it) so you are not wasting money/hashing going to the hacker


Just noticed that…why don’t the mining pools stop the mining servers? No point in helping the hackers. Share price seems to have dropped as well as you would expect. Might be worth buying if…who knows?