Raven Mining


me only 55rvn, which is low because of high temp in room, I must figure it out.
other guys 70+ / card


Cryptobridge 0.00000580BTC/RVN guys


raven turned out to have very good backing => promising project with good price raise potencial => I’m not selling mine anymore now :slight_smile:
Edit: I assume that plays a role in the recent price raise… it wasn’t a pump.


what pools are people mining raven?


Thats the pool I use and have been pretty happy with it…I’m using Enemy-1.09 as a miner

Thinking about moving to another coin but until I do make a choice, I will stick with RVN


I have tried XPM and wasn’t good/Zixx I got 0.6 per 1080 in 2.5 days so not great
zelcash I was getting about 25 a day on a single 1080


Do not sell Zel now, they are few steps from CMC. Daily volume is now around 9,7 btc. Price should have jump imo


How many RVN/1080ti you get on JCK mining pool guys?


Might be an idea to buy some Zel…I need to try to dig up some spare funds/tokens


I actually went all in to Zel :slight_smile: I am also member of Zel marketing team and I know how devlopers work hard. ZelTrez will be realeased in the end of month


I do not get the difference between ZEL Swing wallet and ZEL Copay wallet. Only Windows OS has the “swing wallet”


Copay is light wallet.
Swing is full node


Interesting Comparison for RVN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3385643.msg36917332#msg36917332

looks like Enemy 1.09a is leading…


EDIT: fixed by updating tweak II app

I’m having an issue with the new z-enemy 1.09 on asus strix gtx 1080 ti, my clocks keep going up and down from 1709mhz to 600mhz constantly, even tho im getting about the same hash as i did on 1.08 avaregaing 17 to 18MH.

I’ve downloaded latest nvidia driver and my oc settings are
Tdp 75%
0 memory( not touched)


latest enemy 1.09a https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3378390.0

latest driver, win 10, my core vary from 1645 to 1910 only (core +80, tdp 96%, mem +400)


I prefer miner free of dev fees. Which Are IMO insane



What do I do about the trojan warning from windows ? Win/32 tiggre!plock ?

False positve ? or is the link not correct anymore ?


Add miner to exclusions


Always false positive with miners.


Okay, here’s the deal. After upgrading to 1.09a from 1.08;

Hashrate of 1070Tis have increased about 5%-10%.

Hashrate of 1070s, however, decreased about 5%.

Anyone has any idea about this? Dmitry?