Raven Mining


Thank you.
For now I use msi AB for 8 GPU and works perfect. But I have 1 more 1080ti and I will install on same rig, and I was looking for an advice.


You re welcome, hope it will works for you


for info, I have tried the latest version of this miner https://github.com/a1i3nj03/a1min3r/releases (1.5 alpha2)

results are less good than enemy 1.08 for 1080ti, but slightly better for my 1070… (13 MH/S vs 11.5, same settings)


I use msi afterburner on 12x 1080ti rig, works good. Only bug is that afterburner only displays 8 cards, but settings are applied to all 12 cards (verified).

If you would like to set individual OC I guess that would be a problem.


Thank you. Started the rig with 9 Ti’s and msi and it work fine.


Diff is up at 24k+


Yeah…seems like it. Returns have certainly dropped

EDIT: moving off RVN and back to LUX for the moment


Raven miner by SP (no fee): https://github.com/sp-hash/suprminer/releases/tag/spmod-git1

Intensity max 21 (I use 21.5 on enemy), speed seems less than enemy (short test)


Enemy-1.09 Just release , Who have this program ?


its no for public!!! only test
x16r/s x17 bitcore


Thanks Dimitry




Thx Dimitry, testing. Any optimizations on X16r for RVN mining or worked on X17 implementation ?


x16r (X16R: Raven)
x16s (X16S: Pigeon)
phi (PHI1612: LUXCoin)
bitcore (Bitcore: BTX)
x17 (X17: Verge
vit (Vitality) https://discord.gg/BP8mt7 its new algo


Thank you @Dmitry


@Dmitry understood. Just asked if there are any changes to X16r compared to 1.08, so there should be any improovement in RVN mining :slight_smile: Thx again.


Guys, since you testing from long time is this enemy miner trusted ?


And why should he not be trusted ??

  • Enemy Russian or Russian enemy?
  • Is this the worst miner?
  • on TV said that Russian miners can not be used?
    Strange people. As fools look at the pools that other people use, they see this miner in the tops, and again ask stupid questions: is it good miner ???

sorry for me English/i`m speak only Rus, Ita


I tested your miner, works great, pretty nice increase in hashrate.

No need to worry, thy do not want to people get scammed. They have profit as a dev fee


And we get better hashrate.