Raven Mining




Thanks for posting it! :slight_smile:
Cuda 9.0 links to Cuda 9.1 though :frowning: Is version compiled with 9.0 available as well?


I see the same, that 9.0 and 9.1 has the same 9.1 link


Linux - 8.0 9.0 9.1 - 3 links
win - 9.0


There’s no an actual link to cuda 9.0 (linux) in your posting, but 2x link for cuda 9.1 :wink:





jkcpool is rocking on RVN today

with ttf of 12 hours

we found 6 blocks in last 14 hours


Hi, what ar you using as wallet for XVG ? Startup of QT takes ages with downloaded blockchain, download through network in days.


Check this http://jkcrypto.com/find-working-nodes-of-any-coin/
Under additional info.
Either download blockchain separately or use electrum wallet


Would you consider to add auto-exchange feature to your pool, at least on some popular coins ? I don’t know how difficult is this feature to manage, but beyond being useful, this would make your pool among the few ones that offer this feature.

Moreover I think that a pool providing a fair auto-exchange is missing…


Never done auto exchange setup before. I don’t think crypto-bridge is supported by yiimp.


Hi having problems with rvn wallet, it loads up but then crashes after 5 secs, was working fine before but computer froze and had to restart so after that this happened,. Any suggestions?


Reinstall wallet. Make sure u saved your .dat file


RavenCoin looking good for mining at the moment…I have move from LUX back to RVN


Very unlucky weekend for us…


Price just got up to 520 sat.


Thanks for update. Time to sell :sunglasses:


Guys, do you know an afterburner for Nvidia, for 12 GPU on the same rig? I use same OC setiing on all GPU.


I use Inspector for my 6 gpus