Raven Mining


Symbol : RVN

Algorithm : x16r

Crypto Exchange : Not yet listed

Peer to Peer Exchange : 500 satoshi/ RVN

Mining Pool : jkcpool.com

Mining Performance : ~15 Mh/s for 1080 ti

Mining Profitability : $8/day1080 ti based on peer-to-peer exchange price


How to Mine Raven Coin : RVN Mining?

  1. Download RVN Miner ( ccminer 2.2.5)
  2. Download RVN Wallet
  3. Extract the miner and edit the batch file as follow and run the batch file
ccminer-x64 -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://jkcpool.com:3636 -u RHjHMxeo31cs9WW4GNPXEhtvemuXRbqunw -p c=RVN
Don't forget to edit wallet address in batch file

You can use other pool also as jkcpool don’t have enough hashrate for RVN mining, we need at least 3 GH pool hashrate for stable profits, otherwise all depends on pool luck


Overclock Settings :

Tdp : 100

Core : = +50

Memory : 0

Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners

I’m skeptical on this one… I mined 20,000 coin in 18 hours not even really trying hard.

Even at a penny a coin that’s still good. But… who knows if it’ll get listed


anything found out?


Coin Specification :

Coin Ticker : RVN

RVN Pool : https://rvnpool.com/

Algorithm : X16R

Block Time : 1 minute

Block Reward : 5000 RVN

Total Coin Supply : 21 Billion

Complete Node List: http : //threeeyed.info/network

RPC port : 8766

Mining Guide : Ravencoin is a brand new POW based Cryptocurrency featuring the X16R algorithm. This is an ASIC resistant coin with a high level development team, and an extremely fast growing community of miners and Crypto enthusiasts. For More Info.

Check Here



Here’s my 1080 Ti settings for x16r algo, please feel free to add anything you feel is helpful:

core: -110 MHz

clock: -500 MHz

power limit: 90

With those settings, I am getting 30 MH/s for 2x 1080 Ti while staying at 81 C.


Thanks for sharing.

You should lower your temperatures. 81 is to high for a longer use. Increase the fans to 60 %, that should do it.


I keep the fans low since the fan noise bothers me :stuck_out_tongue:


18hrs just for 20k?? lolz


I would ask how to exchange the Raven Coin.


Miner just stopped why? Anyone have the problem?


Mined about hours! with jkcpool ! Nothing on wallet or pool! why?

Any idea about this problem?




this will help you.

If I want to sell RVN coin, I go to official discord channel of this coin and find a buyer. We agree to use escrow and find a person who offers escrow service. What is the next step? How to sell coins?

Than the buyer sends BTC to escrow and ascrow conrifms that BTC has come. Than you send your Ravens to the buyer and than escrow sends your BTC. That is all.


Check your overclock settings, Raven use x16r algo which is a combination of many algos so down core,tdp


Coins will be added to your wallet once pool finds next block


Guys if you have problem with minning RVN you can use : CRYPTO GUI MINER witch have automatic restart on errors, https://cryptoguiminer.com


Okay guys, be gentle! I have 8 1080ti cards currently mining with NiceHash miner software. Not making much IMO. About $3.2/card as I write this. I have a tech background so the hardware was pretty easy for me. Now I’m ready to graduate to mining like you guys do. Please let me know if there is a place on this forum to ask this stuff. I’m sure you guys have been asked it many times before. I have setup a miner or two and sample mined a few coins you guys have recommended so I have that part covered as well. But I have no clue as to when, where, or how to sell them. Any help for a noob would be appreciated.


Got it.Thanks


Really curious how in the world did you get 20,000 (20 thousand?) coins in 18hours?

What are you mining with? Im mining with a single 1080Ti and I barely got 200coins in the same amount of time.


What is your coinfigration? GPU, PSU?


Rectified! thanks for ur support.