QBS Revival



I’m back on QBS now as we’ve resurrected it. Quite a few of us are trying to make it succeed and the hired dev has written new wallets. At block 25k, mn rewards decrease from 40% to 30% and miner rewards increase from 60% to 70%. It had been abandoned by the original dev but we are building an active crypto community around it. Mining is not yet too difficult since it has just been revived but the coin began in September. The small premine is being used to fund development and marketing activities and we are working on getting a listing, but OTC is supported currently.

new ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5047764.msg46729383#msg46729383

Qbase Foundation
Qbase is a decentralised cryptocurrency built on the premise of providing anonymity, speed, ASIC-resistance and reliability by the usage of Masternodes - Qbase Foundation


QBS is now listed on its first exchange.