[PGN] Pigeon Coin - Mining - Good Coin? Long term Profitable? Research?


Just put my rig on crypto party pool. Have you received any PGN coins yet if so how much are you averaging per hour?


Also does anyone have any good clock settings for 1070 ti’s?


My 1070TIs are on HIVEOS and for PGN I use:

+200 Core
-400 Mem
115 TDP

That gets me a stable 11-12MHs per card.

Last payout from cryptoparty has over 1 hour ago… right now its looking like blockcrusher is winning over the past couple hours. I will state more details tomorrow.


I was at +150 Mem -502 Core 66 C max heat and windows would freeze so i dropped it to +100 Mem -300 Core and now getting a stable 62 Mhs.


cryptoparty ended up winning with about 900 more PGN then blockcrusher. Though crypto did end the 24 hour block with 5 blocks found in one of the hours which really pushed it ahead. Minus that lucky hour they were about even with cryptoparty earning about 100 PGN more then blockcrusher.

Overall both seems viable.


Hi folks,
can someone explain me why my miner shows around (5x180Ti) 70-72 Mh/s, but pool shows only around 50 Mh/s?
What is cause of this?



I also wonder this. Which is correct


Quick question:
1080Ti : amount of coins/ hashrate you get?


Anyone still mining pigeon coin? Crypto pool party’s hash rates are down to 1.2GH’s.


Ye i am full on PGN


Switch over to blockcrusher.com, cryptopoolparty raised fees to .5% whilst BC still has them at .25%.


Having trouble finding the website for block crusher. When I click the link it says the domain name is for sale.


My bad i typo’d it… its blockcruncher



This! lol


Thanks for block cruncher, so much better than crypto pool party. Got about 4,500 PGN in the last 24 hours. The price on crypto bridge is only around 24 Sats though. What are everyone’s plans for PGN, HODL and hope that it gets close to RVN?


https://www.dropbox.com/s/149rhgidvv4h95s/z-enemy-1.08-cuda80.tar.gz?dl=0 -cuda 8.0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6w6rdzsw5xnlgq/z-enemy-1.08-cuda91.tar.gz?dl=0 - cuda 9.0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6w6rdzsw5xnlgq/z-enemy-1.08-cuda91.tar.gz?dl=0 - cuda 9.1

Z-ENEMY VER 1.08 ( PUBLIC ) For Windows (Cuda 9.0) zealot/enemy-1.08 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy -Kernels speed improvements for GTX 1080 Ti (+10% total) -Added x16s ( up to 10-20%), fast Bitcore(BTX), fast Phi1612(LUX) -minor miner fixes … This release is reported to be more stable when it comes to higher PL or overclocking, feel free to experiment with it. https://mega.nz/#!5WACFRTT!tV1vUsFdBIDqCzBrcMoXVR2G9YHD6xqct5QB2nBiuzM


Well, only you can do is Hold. Not worth to sell it atm