[PGN] Pigeon Coin - Mining - Good Coin? Long term Profitable? Research?


Has anyone tried mining Pigeon Coin and any research done behind the development team? is this the new RVN?

Let me know your thoughts. Here is a link with some info about mining.


also curious if anyone has tried.


The dev team has stated that they don’t have any plans past the x16s algo… so i would not hold my breathe the this will grow into anything. On the bright side the formula follows RVN (No ICO, No premine, no MNs, etc) which leads them to have no easy way to scam us and vanish with our money/hash power.


Cuda8 Windows x32 (enemy-1.04a) Fix pools switch + support 11+ card+ add support x16s (Pigeon) https://mega.nz/#!BOgFQDDB!PgSEgpwKVqw8fdZtiUKZDjREcsYVmwMxPjjGrZggaT0


I’ve mined around 35k PGN, is released on crypto bridge in the next 5 days, keep your eyes peeled.
On the discord, trades range from 60 sat - 300 sat


PGN is now listed on crypto bridge, 55 sats for now…


Website is live also:

Looking good btw! Real team, real roadmap.


Look at that a website! plus i saw the founder talked to vosk and said he has enough funds to give PGN 1 year of his life in hopes to making it into something.


What pool is everyone using to mine PGN?


Join us at AltTank to mine your PGN :slight_smile:
-a x16s -o stratum+tcp://alttank.ca:4646 -u WALLETADDRESS.WORKERNAME -p c=PGN


What miner is best? Enemy 1.04 or the new nevermore?


PGN in Zergpool is now up with autotrade - you can mine it then get it converted to BTC or LTC and send to your wallet.


the profitability in zergpool looks poor, might as well mine neoscrypt?


@admin - Any plans to put PGN on jkcpool?


cryptopool.party has .2% fees and currently 4.6 Gh/s

Alttank has .5% and 5.6Gh/s

Currently im mining cryptopool as they have had really good luck over the past 72 hours and less fees.


Oh I forgot to mention when I was on Alttank and EDEN first came out for some reason my hashpower was going for both PGN and EDEN even though I was using the port dedicated for PGN and I noticed a significant reduction in PGN I was earning while that was happening… For that blunder I have yet to go back to alttank.


@trog Try blockcruncher.com pool, fees are higher, but better hashrate. Let me know which has better earnings if you do!


How much earning per 1080ti?


No, have to update stratum to support x16s algo. Never done stratum update before so don’t want to mess things up.If you want I can start another sever for PGN mining


Was wondering where all the hash power was for PGN lol… I will run a rig on crypto and one on blockcrusher and see how it goes (both are same HW with same model gpus in them).