Overclock Settings For Different Algos


Please share your overclock settings for 1080 ti(Brand and algo)


Palit 1080 Ti JetStream @85%TDP

Core heavy algos:

Skein, Nist5, Phi1612, c11: core +180, mem -500


Neoscrypt, Equihash: core +160, mem +600


+75 +350 for gpu scrypt (Garlic algo)


For Argo

Core +50

Mem -300




60 core

-300 memory


Algo: x16r

core: -110 MHz

clock: -500 MHz

power limit: 90

With those settings, I am getting 30 MH/s for 2x 1080 Ti while staying at 81 C.


Hey folks - hope I’m not starting off with a dumb question… I’m using awesome miner, and I can’t figure out how to tell which miner is paired with which algo -I believe I can only set these parameters at the miner level and they are then used for any algo which that miner is set for.

Make sense? Is there a fix or am I looking at it wrong?




one(gaming pc) EVGA 1080ti FTW 3 at 80% TDP Core +50 Mem -300 getting 69-70MH/s for race coin and stay about 54C allday at 60% fan speed





362 Mh/s




70.2 - 74.16 - 72.48 - 73.11 - 72.51



@david what program are you using for that info on hash rate/power etc?


@cris: All in my last post:

Soft: Alexis hsr x86 cuda 8 (ccminer-alexis) You can find download in jkcforum.com (how to mine)


2x evga-gtx-1080-ti-ftw3-w-icx-cooler 11MB

3x asus-rog-strix-gtx-1080-ti-gaming-oc 11MB




DEN/tribus OC Setting for 1080ti/11MB?

It’s my first time with tribus…

I’d tryed some ones but after 3 hours crashed

TDP: 80

CORE 100 / MEM +10 / INTENSITY: 22 = 90Mh/s each 1080ti (after 3 hours crash)

CORE 90 / MEM -50 / INTENSITY: 22 = 100Mh/s each 1080ti (after 3 hours crash)

CORE 90 / MEM -100 / INTENSITY: 20 (default) = 88Mh/s each 1080ti (mining now)

I will update …


DEN/tribus OC Setting
for 1080ti/11MB FULLY STABLE

TDP: 80

CORE 90 / MEM -60 / INTENSITY: 21 = 100Mh/s each 1080ti (+12 h mining stable)

My RIG (5x 1080ti 11MB):
2x evga-gtx-1080-ti-ftw3-w-icx-cooler 11MB
3x asus-rog-strix-gtx-1080-ti-gaming-oc 11MB



miner: ccminer Nist5spmod2

Cards: 3x1080ti EVGA SC2
Program: Evga Precision X
Core: +100

86MH/s per 1080ti


Room Temp: 26C (without rigs 22C)
Fan rpm: 2500
Additional fans : 3x120mm 1500rpm
Wooden rig with 15 cm distance between cards.



Love this idea, but would help if people linked to the miners ?


+500 mem

18-19MH+ per 1080TI 60C MSI Aero (so two would be 36-38MH)

Still not understanding why people are underclocking memory, core is really the only thing that really reduces negligable heat.


MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR 11G OC

Enemy miner
Intensity 20
+110 core
+350 mem
TDP 78

about 18MH per card


EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition
Enemy Miner for Raven
TDP 200W limit
Core +50
Memory 0
Intensity 21.5

Getting just under 19 MH/s on average per card


win 10
asus strix 1070
enemy 1.03 x16r
PL80 Core +180 Mem -500
-I 20
12 mh/s
enemy x16s
11 mh/s


After reading some peoples settings on here, thought i would try
-60 mem
+145 core
87% PL
intensity 21
temperature is just 62 degrees
on my Asus ROG STRIX 1080ti x3 and im getting
20MH per card

I was previously getting just 14.5MH with +500 mem +145 core -i 19

why does negative memory make it much better?