Most profitable Dual mining setup right now


Im gonna share with you my most profitable build here.

I am currently Dual mining WTC (Walton coin)
and Beat Token.
These 2 miners work flawlessly together in dual mining mod.
The only problem is WTC and Beat mining is very CPU intensive so for 1-2 gpu’s a dual core is OK for this setup.
but for 3+ gpu’s you ll need an i5, i7 or my best choice the ryzen 2700x for 5x+ gpu’s.

needless to say here is my little tutorial:
I have a deal with my GM.
He ll take 10% and i take 5% comission. payment is after the WTC fork.
For a small payment of 0.1 ETH i ll help you setup the miner if you need to.
Send me a PM if you ll be mining WTC and i ll share you my contact. Each block you find you’ll get 3.4 WTC. He has a Guardian Masternode. Difficulty is also going down so it ll be even easier to mine it.

For the beat token you just need to signup under my referral link which is copied below and we ll both get a bonus in hashrate %.
Which is a big advantage.
Needless to say Mining Beat is the most profitable thing righ now. i get around 0.7$ an hour with 3 1070ti.
If the beat token will be 0.019$.

These 2 coins are all premined. Beat will hit the exchanges on 15 july and thats when you can sell the coins. The WTC fork should happen this month also i hope.
Mining Beat is really easy. Just download the miner, install and watch your $$ grow :slight_smile:

here is my referall link for Beat token:


Shame on you guys… But its bussiness. Anyway you are not first one beggin ETH for free miner or “setup help”.
Good luck! :wink:


I am paying 3.5 WTC to all my miners so you should probably ask him to raise how much he is paying you. and anyone can contact me if they are interested in mining. or just want to know a little bit more about WTC or help with setup/ what GPUs are most profitable etc

and you can message me here or in our telegram group “WTC Mining” lbp8bd


I see that there is a long long topic about this already (which I have barely skimmed). Is it feasible to mine with 2 1080s, 2 1070s, and a 1050ti?


What is the profit per 1080ti? And what is ur telegram id?


the telegram is
I track payments and post info at

profit per might be around 7$ per 1080ti a day.


I do not agree with this profit. Difficulty is high, price is low. You can easily find zero blocks with 8x1080Ti in 7 days. Anyway 7$ per 1080ti a day is not real


He sayd “might be”. Also agree with you, several days can pass and no blocks found. But that’s solo mining risk.


Yea, i know what he said. But this is not “might be world”. Or who knows, BTC might be worth 100k tomorow, or 0.


This setup is still the most profitable right now.
Beat mining is only mineable with 1 GPU.
i am mining 0.2 beat/minute with 1x nvidia 1070ti.
The coin is still in premine phase and when it ll be released on exchanges it ll be worth 0.19$.
so this is like 3.8$/hour or 90$/day. With just 1 GPU.
Please use my referall link when you signup as we ll both get a boost in hashrate!!!

This is what you ll get if you use my referral link.

The miner is really simple to use. You just install it and run the program. no need to search for multiple pools and change the .bat file :slight_smile:


so tried it for about 2h - it seems to make about 20 times less than advertised :slight_smile:


Nop i am still mining 0.2 beat per minute with 1 nvidia 1070ti.

You must have something wrong.


Screenshot or it did not happen.
mining for about 4-5 hours now:


@gorsek1 can you share 1.0.3 miner of beat?


Hey where can we download the miner?


Guys, don’t waste your time on this. Its not mining for the beat blockchain. It uses your gpu to mine eth and your cpu to mine monero, then pays you in beat tokens. you would be better off using nicehash!