(MLM) Mktcoin Mining





does not seem to work for me


what other pool would you suggest to mine SPD?


you can try https://www.protopool.net/site/mining


Whats wrong with the https://office.mktcoin.org?I even cant log in.


WTF.I can`t log in until I reset my password,and after I verified my transfer it showed “The field Against password is not valid”.And I tried to change my coinpass and password it showed “The field Current Password is not valid”.


XD… fml


Hey guys.


Just bougth my first 1080.

Some suggestions for the best coin to mining?



What happened to the unconfirmed transactions in jkcrypto pool for MLM? They were slowly getting confirmations but suddenly got removed from Total Unpaid(unconfirmed).

this is my wallet address : mNGL8uFmFfsNUJBgD86D3GpAbkGRCzZ3M5


You will get your coins once block get confirmed (101 confirmation). MLM blockchain is frozen,your coins on unpaid balance


Is it still worth mining MLM on 1080 ti?

Tried to exchange 100 MLM to BTC on Southexchange, but get the “not enough funds” message.




Hi I still have unpaid coins by the pool. Somebody should address this ASAP or is this site a scam like many others?!


You will get your coins once block get confirmed (101 confirmation). MLM blockchain is frozen,


3 weeks old MLM blocks are confirmed now and payments are done by jkcpool.com.:joy:

They have made some changes to wallet transfer process, anyone knows what steps to follow after https://office.mktcoin.org >> Financial >> Financial Extract ?


I think there was a description in 1st or 2nd page of the ANN. I did like it was written there and it worked.


I just transfer some of my $$$$ from paydiamond to My MKTcoin app but its on Hash balance now, pls can you you lead me through on how to trade it for bitcoin…?


I have been haven challenges exchange my MLM for Bitcin, Pls how do i do that…


Can someone please help me out on how to transfer my MLM to my southxchange?