(MLM) Mktcoin Mining


Hi all! Why does all my earnings on jkcpool have status cleared? All balance is unpaid. Whats wrong? When it wiil be paid?


OMG ! what do we do now ?!


Hello Guys,

I know that everyone has the same issue using JKCPool and not getting payed yet.

I’m mining since 20 hours and still no payment arrived to my wallet at https://office.mktcoin.org/

Do I have to start to be worried or still be patient and wait maybe days without any feedback if my rig is mining for nothing?

Thanks for at least a forecast about the current status!

Thanks in advance!


If the poo sent payments and your wallet still ZERO than check this out how to Extract your mined coins to wallet.



How can I check if my pool sent any payment to my wallet? JKCPool for example.
I read that the wallets was down also…


The web wallet of https://office.mktcoin.org is down. I stopped mining.

SouthExchange wallet can be used, but it is risky because it is forbidden to mine on their wallet.

For the moment, good bye MLM, it was a pleasure to mine you.




Please confirm if the wallet comes back online https://office.mktcoin.org the mined coins will be transferred there, am I right?

So hopefully we won’t loose any mined MLM?


Thanks for the guide!
I’ve followed the instructions and the hash is updated with only 54 MLM. I mined for 20 hours using 6x 1080TI
I’m a bit confused…


i am realy confused

yesterday i get 805 mlm equal about 120 $

but until now all i get untill now only 220 mlm why ?

? //???

i wish any one tell me why

is there any thing wrong with this pool /???///

i have 6 cpu 1080 ti


Your problem solved now? Jkcpool already done MLM payments


Are you mining on JKCPool ?

If yes mention you mining address


Now that the web wallet is under maintenance. Are there any implications for using the exchange wallets (both c-cex and southexchange) as the wallet address for mining?


Hi JK, the same problem come with ABS, please help


@Cowenc I haven’t mined MLM for a day or so but when I did - yes, you can mine directly to the southxchange wallet. You will also bypass the 0.5% transaction fee it costs to send from the Mktcoin web wallet to the exchange as well.


@tonytonbridge ok. thanks alot! If you’re not mining MLM, care to share what are you mining now?

I was previously mining zcash($2-$3/card/day) but MLM seemed more profitable so swapped it today. Assuming jkc pool gets a block every 2 hours, I should be getting about $5-6/card/day.


Hello, I am new here, just started mining MLM with jkc pool.

I have 2 x 1080 TI and 2 x 1070.

I set ccminer -a x17 -o stratum+tcp://jkcpool.com:3737 -u <wallet> -i 19

Can you have some tip or is it good?

What time or hour the pool send coins?

Thank you



I started to mine in your pool from today

Let’s see…


Do you sell MLM directly or Hold it for a while, because the price is falling?

your advice please… thanks


sell the shit as fast as possible. could crash any second and also withdraw from Southexchange because they seem not honest and are saying they will BAN ppl mining to them.


i agree official wallet not working for 2 days very scetchy. i stoped mining some of coins are on wallet but it smells realy funny be carefuli suggest mine something else until we see what happens. mining to southexchange directly i think its not worth a risk. Cheers