(MLM) Mktcoin Mining


I have 13 ppl in my Network now but i dont get any extra coins while they make any trasactions.

Any one know how does it work?


MLM still good today?

I was make £4.80 avrg per 1080ti yesterday


Hi, i am still have good profit from MLM, but im seeing people are getting nervous and pulling off from it slowly. Dont want to get stuck with coins none wants to buy.

I still need 0.001 BTC for withdraw limit from southxchange.com , any suggestion on what coin is good to mine and sell on this exchange (not MLM) ?



buy ltc wit btc and send it wherever you like :slight_smile:


Cheers! :smiley:


Can anybody give me invite code of C-CEX? Would like to make an account to sell MLM.


Why dont you try this one ?



I am mining on jkcpool, all good so far but something strange I see today: I seem to have gained 0$ from the two blocks found today (see image attached)

I can see the amounts (55 and 45 MLM) I should have gained but they return 0 value on mBTC column and I dont see them in the accumulated balance (Total earned: 249MLM where it should have been ~350MLM)

any idea?





Same here, 25 MLM lost somehow :slight_smile:


thank you very much

i really appriciate

i try to mine by 6 gpu 1080 ti every thing is very good

but I have another cpu 1060, but is not working

please help me to mine by 1060 cpu

i will send you pic of my error


i have to rige

one 6 cpu 1080 ti

second 5 cpu 1060 not working at all coin for mining i think i have problem in second rige 1060 in the windows



lower the intencity to 19 or 20.


resolved somehow now I see the full amount in wallet


Go JKCPool Go! :slight_smile: I know it’s a matter of luck, but after switching from BSOD to JKCPool my MLM earnings are 2x bigger.


Are the payouts really that much better on JKCpool? Should I switch from BSOD?


at BSOD you will get stable earnings because of majority network hashrate. jkcpool have 2-3% of total network hashrate and should get each block every 2 hours but we are getting lucky and finding block every hour.

Its up to wheather you want to switch to jkcpool or not, JKCpool might not be lucky for next few hours


Lottery I think. JKCPool’s increased hashrate made it find blocks more frequently. I just happened to mine there when the last 2 blocks were found an hour apart.


Hi, I’m new to this so I’m pretty confused. I’ve been mining MLM with the jkcpool but I haven’t received any coins in my wallet. I let it run while I slept last night and then stopped it when I woke up. It mined for about 10 hours total but it has been about 15 hours since I started. When will I get paid? I saw somewhere on this page that you have to wait for jkc to find the next block or something? Does that mean I have to mine until it finds the next block? Or can I just not mine and wait a few hours and the coins I mined from last night will be sent? Thanks, I’m just really confused.


Hi all! Why does all my earnings on jkcpool have status cleared? All balance is unpaid. Whats wrong? When it wiil be paid?



Hi all! Why does all my earnings on jkcpool have status cleared? All balance is unpaid. Whats wrong? When it wiil be paid?