(MLM) Mktcoin Mining


Symbol : MLM

Algorithm : X17

Crypto Exchange : C-cex.com, Southxchange.com

Mining Pool : bsod.pw, jkcpool

Mining Performance : ~15 Mh/s for 1080 ti

Mining Profitability : $10/day per 1080 ti

How to mine Mktcoin : MLM mining?

Download MLM Miner

Download MLM Wallet

Open batch file and edit as follows.

ccminer -a x17 -o stratum+tcp://jkcpool.com:3737 -u mSrv8Uxm5ciFS1st4cv6RanDRQuj92pJ8d -i 22
Replace "mSrv8Uxm5ciFS1st4cv6RanDRQuj92pJ8d" with your MLM receiving address.

Run batch file, Happy Mining.

Lower the intensity if getting invalid memory error.

You can use bsod pool as jkcpool don’t have enough hashrate for MLM mining, we need at least10 GH pool hashrate for stable profits, otherwise all depends on pool luck

Overclock Settings :

  1. Tdp : 100
  2. Core : = +50
  3. Memory : 0


How long do deposits take to show up in office.mktcoin.org? This is the weirdest wallet setup I’ve seen seems pretty sketchy… I’ve mined about 62 MLM today and had a payout of about 34 MLM from the pool. Still seeing nothing in my account on office.mktcoin.org.

Inside of the “wallet” it says that 1 MKT coin is about $15 usd. For one thing, I don’t see the coin referenced as MLM. For another thing, the value is about $0.18 USD on southxchange.

Am I missing something here?


Yes, price is at about 17 cents, still good money, price has actually gone up past few hours.

How to get your funs to exchange:

log in, go to financial->financial extract -> click update with external balance (page usually gets stuck here) so i refresh page, and you should see your funds in “hash”.

then you go financial ->balance transfer

enter in “my wallet”

transfer to “wallet hash”

enter the mlm adress from the exchange

the ammount you wish to transfer.

click verify.

then you enter your account password

click token button ->get e-mail with token key -> enter the token key

and click request -> wait till transfer is done (takes some time for it to apear on exchange as incomming, then another while for it to be ready for use


Very weird. But thank you I see the coins now.

Anyone else want to thank @evenaardal for blazing the trail, donate some MLM to meeq7HiSf4VU72zVdyKt8vHsRQSRrtcCwT


I want to introduce you Crypto Gui Miner - MLM miner

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comeon felix , there is no reason to spam that in all channels, you all rdy have a post with it


TY nate for 20! TY!


I love this coin, giving me about 4 MLM / hour on a single Zotac 1080 (sadly, not TI).


Core: +200
Mem: +0
TDP: 100%
Temp target: 75°

Running ccminer-alexis with -i 19 (I still wanna be able to watch movies etc.)

Update: After half an hour of mining, it seems more like 3 MLM/h.


The C-CEX.com need invite code to create an account.So I registered in southxchange.com,and I would ask it is necessary to finish the User ID Verification.To be honest,I don`t have that I.D Card.


Anyone know how works the TREE NETWORK ? If i sponsored someone and he is mining what do i get for it? Extra coin ?



you dont have any ID Cards ?



Hey guy I set it up last night with that online wallet. I was just looking at results, the online wallet (https://office.mktcoin.org/) shows no coins on it, yet BSOD pool shows multiple MKTcoin payments to my wallet address what is going on?


Hey, I don’t know whats wrong but my Miner keeps crashing…

4 * 1070

1* 1080 Ti

2 * 1070 ti

Intensity: 19

Power: 80%

Core Clock: +50 (+30 on 1070’s)

Mem: +0

What am i doing wrong?? :frowning:





maybe all Cards cant handle same OC , try remove the core OC, and do a -i 15 just for stability , if that Works move up in small steps

also what does it write when it crash



At the moment it’s running with -i 19 and no OC.

Let’s see what happens…


Can’t see msg: I check my teamviewer and it’s down, so i need to reboot my PC. (prolly gpu crash)


Just weird my cards can’t handle OC with this coin… hope nothing is wrong with my card(s).

Thx for the tip.


@Manticore Use the miner which I have shared or alexis hsr.

Lower tdp also. To check system stability you can completely remove core and mem overclock


Check FAQ section https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2545143.160





It’s working atm…

ps. You guys using bsod pool or jkcpool?


you get 0.05% from his mining. Up to 9 levels.



in your batchfile… make a line and write pause, wont close window then