Mining pools with auto exchange support


Why auto exchange as it could be more profitable to exchange yourself ? I see at least 2 reasons ;

  • one might be lazzy or buzzy
  • In some countries exchanging crypto to another crypto is a taxable event, therefore being paid directly in BTC or LTC might be interesting

So far I don’t know may pools with auto-exchange support especially if you to mine some small coins. I’m only aware of Zergpool ahashpool zpool and hashrefinery


I just saw blazepool today. If anyone can chime in about the performance, plus and minuses of each pool it would be great as I am looking into it right now.


Im using miningpoolhub for a while, it has autoexchange.
Now its 0.00005 btc a day with 2x1080ti, when the grass was greener and life was good, the profit was two times more.


@chaosmage, yes I forgot to mention miningpoolhub thanks

@tunanjing Thanks for blazepool