MERIT coin mining



And how much is that on dollars


Avg price of 1 merit is 4500 sat


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Read that people reaching above 1 cycle/s on 1080ti, but I’m only reaching 0,6 with 1 gpu active and about 3-4 cycles with all 12 gpu active. Tried different OC settings but doesn’t seem to change much. Tried all 4 different .bat files settings with zjazz, along with different (1-4) treads per gpu.

Am I missing something?

Tried official and zjazz miner 0.96 (current)
PL 100%, cpu +0, mem +800.
12x gigabyte 1080 ti xtreme, fw 399.24
i5 6400 cpu
16gb phy mem
132 gb virt mem



Where did you read this at? I have a 1080, getting a little over .5 1 per second seems extremely high


Hmm thought I read it here, but must have misread. Anyway, someone here claming 1.4 c/s But, since it’s only one source I shouldn’t trust it to be the norm.

So 0.5-0.6 cycles/s/1080ti is normal?


Hi, 1.4 cycles/s is not real. Probably you can see this speed in pool stats for different reasons, but from the miner with 1080ti the average is 0.6 - 0.7 cycles/s (with Zjazz miner). In a rig more boards less efficiency because this algo is also cpu dependent.

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Hrm… Not sure I’m really enjoying this Merit coin and the way they have it set up, at least the Beta Market. It’s nothing more then a lame video game Auction House where everyone undercuts each other in desperate attempts to sell for BTC. Coin is literally down to 3200 not because of worth but because of people having no control or brains to sell at a good price. With that mentality and Market setup the coin isn’t going to really be a good coin to mine real soon as the morons drive the price down to nothing.


I agree. There is some basic functionality that needs to be addressed, starting with the ability to fill partial orders, and a list of successful transactions. As crappy as it is though, at least calling it a market is the proper term; Its far from an exchange!


I’m not using the Beta Market, few trades result in market manipulation. I hope in the interest of some exchange before selling. However I understand the frustration of who wants to sell.


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There are several invitations. You follow the link:


Hi, at the moment several miners have moved to the bitcoin diamond and it’s possible to receive 7 MRT/day for 1080 ti.

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