MERIT coin mining



So with the current rate (around 5000 sat) your making $1.70 day/1080ti?


i have some more invites
Use my link and activate quickly your Merit wallet.


Invite if anyone needs.


Just join myself invite below if required


Hey Rik - just used your invitation!

Hope to be approved very soon.

Thanks so much RiK! :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

Quick update: Merit was recently listed on Bitcointalk:

This will definitely will attract more investors to the community.

Regarding Mining:

Best miner so far for MERIT it is:

You will also need to put cudart64_91.dll inside the miner folder (to avoid any errors):

And most rewarding pool (YIIMP Based):

The Community will now start to grow rapidly: Join the ride and don’t miss the train :slight_smile:!

If you also are interested in MERIT, please use my invite link: (I still got plenty of invites).

After using my link, pls give me a short message with your alias, so I can rapidly activate your account.
You can contact me here, or on Telegram (@Nahkrul), or Discord (Nahkrul#2006).

Enjoy Merit! & Happy Mining! :slight_smile:


I finally got a damn invitation to send! anyone needing an invite: My community rank is top 17% and I want to grow it, so please only use it if you want to mine :slight_smile:


Does anybody need an invitation to mine Merit? Here is one:


Hi, if someone want start mining, here are invites but dont wait too much :wink:


Hi, I decided to join this forum (always interesting conversations) and this project. Actually I’m mining with zjazz 0.95 and it seems very fast. Are somebody using the new official version 0.5? Is it better than zjazz for you on 1080 TI?

Who need invitations to start (one at the moment):


3 more invites available as of posting.


Hi, there. I used your invitation. Thank you so much. Could you please activate my wallet (account:shubow)?


He posted that 3 days ago so who knows if he even checks. I created an invite for you though, click this and it will automatically accept. no need for me to manually accept it:

EDIT: I just found out that this link may not work (bug in the code). so use the one below


also, besides the link above, I have one more invite. The more I mine and hold, the more potential I am seeing with these growth rewards. Its almost like a masternode system (without running the masternode). I get a steady stream of growth rewards throughout the day:


i have 2 invites left


Need an acceptation from your invite,
When I was searching the net I stumbled upon this forum, what I think is verry interesting.
Thinking of a fun community to Join with.
And a fun coin to mine





I have got some invites, please use the link to set up your wallet


can 5x 1080Ti mine merit? and how much is per day?


With each 1080ti it pays 3-4 merits per day.