MERIT coin mining



Hi m8 - I have activated your wallet - sorry for the late reply, but I was in a business trip, with limited access to network.


Hi m8 - I have activated your wallet as well - sorry for the late reply.


I have 1 invite available if anyone is interested.


I am - please send me your invite code


i sent you a message with link.


Settings for overclocking Merit to 1080 ti?

Use my link. Activate quickly.


How many coins per day are Merit with 1x1080 ti?


yeah how many MERIT COIN per 1x 1080TI?


1x 1080 ti per day, at a hashrate of 0.4 - to 05 cycles/second, it gives @ 4.27 - 5.23 Merit coins/day.

More info on their profit calculator: .


Could you tell me the settings afterburner.My farm keeps crashing.


I usually use stock OC, no overclocking at all. I only limit the PL between 55-80% TDP, depending on the cards, to avoid unnecessary heating.


Core=0 memory=0?


hey, where are you???need activate


reg. closed


Sorry I can not accept the invitation and those support is silent.


Tell me how many you need to have invitations so I can activate them.I have 2 applications but I can’t activate writes the message “not enough invitations”


@johnsus-- signed up under you.

@Kelwen-- from reading the website – you need ‘invite tokens.’ do you have any?


So, my only confusion so far: does mining with CPU/GPU have some effect on growth mining?