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Hi Gents,

I wanted to share with you a new profitable coin that we are currently mining, called MERIT (only for Nvidia - sorry AMD :frowning:). This coin it is minable with both CPU and GPU (but the difficulty rise quite high lately, so CPU mining will earn less rewards).

This coin it is not yet listed on any exchanges, but they have an internal marketplace where you can sell/buy your MERIT coins for Bitcoins. Or you can stack them and earn more from their new PoG (Proof-of-Growth) protocol. It is entirely up to you! :slight_smile:

This coin it currently provides @ 2.5 - 3 USD per/day/1080ti and @2-2.5 USD per/day/1070/1070ti. This is the most profitable coin to mine as of today. This coin works on a new cuckoo cycle algorithm, and also on a new protocol called PoG (Proof-of Growth), which is a mix of POW with some lottery systems that gives you rewards based on your community growth level, the bigger the score, the better the results (a bit similar with POS, but not entirely). Also in order to join the MERIT community you will need an invite.

To get started, please follow the below guide:

Step 1: To quicly join in the MERIT community, please use my invite: (it will direct you to the Web Light Wallet)

Step 2: Create your own wallet - this is the easiest of them all, I am also using it. It is also called Light Wallet. (I will activate it as soon as possible for you to be able to start mining right away - you can also contact me on Telegram @Nahkrul for faster response).

Step 3: Use the following link for a very detailed guide on how to mine MERIT.

Quick Observation: The miner uses a lot of CPU, even if only GPU mining, that is why my recommendation it is if you have rigs with 1-2 GPU, you can use an Dual Core CPU, with 2-3 GPU you can use an i3 CPU, for 3-4 CPU an i5, and above 4 you will need to use an i7 or equivalent - to avoid CPU bottlenecks.

Happy Mining! :slight_smile:

Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners

If you want a quick invite to Merit Wallet please use this link and I will activate it right away:

Enjoy Mining Merit then !:sleeping:


Hi Gents - I still got plenty of invites. Let us extend the Merit community - feel free to use my invitation link:

Quick activation! (just pls give me a short message, here, on Telegram @Nahkrul or on Discord: Nahkrul#2006 - with your Wallet Alias/ID, so I can easily confirm your activation.)

Happy Mining!


you can find a detailed and pictured step by step mining guide here


hi what is the earning of a single 1080Ti on Merit Coin


Hi m8,

1x 1080 ti gets between 0.40 - 0.45 cycles/s - that would be between 6.7 to 7.5 Merit per day, and at today’s prices, @3k sats, that would be between 1.25 - 1.5 USD.

Also the difficulty went down, and they implemented the new PoG2 system (Proof-of-Growth, which is more rewarding then the previous system, it gives more Growth rewards and invites.

So far Merit it is the most profitable coin to mine for the time being.

If you guys are interested, please use my invitation link: (Fast Activation).


Is the miner still pretty cpu intensive?


Version 0.3 of the GPU miner, it’s just a bit “tender” on the CPU, than version 0.2, not by much, but it’s an improvement. Below it’s the link, if you want to give it a try.

Windows Command Line


what about marketplace? how you change them into BTC or ETH out of their market place (if they collapse)? I saw nothing on their site during the launch about growing strategies.


They are working on BTC escrow now (something similar with LocalBitcoins) and ETH trading in the future.

The Merit Core team is working very actively on buy-side BTC escrow. When this feature lands, there will be at least three major wins: 1) Users can buy as much MRT as they want with smartSearch and can send the BTC to one place. 2) Selling into a buy-listing will be nearly instant because the BTC is already escrowed. 3) We can drastically reduce the ‘timeout’ for buyers to send along their BTC for sell listings. (~1 hour.)

As for other exchanges, this was copy/pasted from their discord:
Jessica 08/02/2018

Is Merit on any Exchanges? Not yet! The Merit Market is our first exchange. =] We have not talked to any third-party exchanges yet, but we plan to reach out to them soon. We followed this strategy for many reasons. The short version is that Merit has been successful so far in onboarding many new users who have never used crypto before. We are extraordinarily proud of this. And most exchanges are “Expert Mode” with 100s of currency pairs and very complex “daytrader” interfaces. We wanted to be sure that we provided a remarkably simple and easy way for new users to Merit (and crypto in general) to get their hands on Merit. Additionally, because Merit is invite only, exchanges will have to do a little extra work in order to list MRT. We have several ways to facilitate this process, but in the short term we will continue to support the Market.


Yiimp pool is now available!

merit-minerd-0.3.exe --url stratum+tcp:// --address WALLET.worker --cores 0 --gpu 0

I have invites.


Hi, I created a wallet. It’s interesting to try mine MRT. Could you confirm me?


Waiting for an activation?


Hi Kyle4851,

I have activated your wallet, sorry for the late reply.


Hello, previous person did not activate my Merit Wallet so I used your link Cetra.


How to use 7x 1080ti in 1 rig? Thanks


On which pool do you dig this coin?


NahKrul Please activate the wallet.


First time i’ve been interested in mining a new coin in a long while.

Is there a good explanation of proof-of-growth somewhere? Seems like a really good idea.


Yes, waiting here too please.