Masternode recommendation


I would like to know in which shared masternode is worth to invest?Thank you


DYOR: Do your own research first :slight_smile:


Very helpful answer…sit down!


I’d suggest reading about a couple of different MNs and come back with actual questions and not a “can you tell me what buttons to push on my computer” type of question. If you read through the forum you’ll easily see what others are mining and what MNs are being set up. Try to jump on those or ask in the discord group to join a shared MN. So yes, DYOR


I like XZC (ZCoin) as a MN…good return but costs about $30k…coin was at $1200 in Dec IIRC

PNX (Phantom) is cheap and risky…been tempted at times


My favorite Zcoin, gave me handsome profits when mining it 6 months back.
I am holding some zcoin in wallet for long term holding, you if anyone interested in shared masternode service then can join JKC-MN on Discord