Loki Coin


Anybody mining loki coin


Ive been making close to 4 dollars a day on two 1060s 6gb… I just was wondering if you guys are doing about the same


I mine it for a while with my to RX480&580 (*depending on incomes, I switch between loki and haven), on my GTXs, I finf it less interesting… (gtx980+gtx1070+gt1080ti)

I use https://loki.miner.rocks/ and I am quite happy with them

on https://miner.rocks/, you have an overview of many cryptonight coins revenue


Sounds like your happy with miner.rocks i use Elasticpool and they just started a new giveaway and lottery program. . They give away free er20 tokens and free Loki Weekly. Its a pretty awesome new program where they reward miners for mining on the pool. You should check them out sometime.

Here is my referral code for the pool if anyone is interested:


hola bro
I use too https://loki.miner.rocks/
miner : Loki.Miner